Baseball season in America conjures up images of sunny days spent at the ballpark with friends and family just like our relatives did generations ago. While a lot about the game has changed (bat size and gloves for example) one thing that only changes every few years (if ever) are the team’s logos.

There are fifteen teams in the American League of Major League Baseball and there are both fantastic examples as well as some examples that need a bit of work. Once again I have to give a huge internet high-five to Chris Creamer and his amazing sports logo website for having all the team’s logos in one, easy to find place. Alright, enough with the administrative stuff, let’s get to seeing those awesome logos!

Logos Hitting Home Runs

The Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox has one of the most iconic and easily recognizable logos. How come? One look at it and you see socks that are red… not too hard to connect the dots. This current logo has been seen since 2009 and even though it isn’t the most ferocious logos out there intimidation-wise, it certainly has a traditional and classic vibe to it that other teams could learn a thing or two from (more on that later). And it sure beats their 1950-1959 logo, yikes! Plus, it’s Boston! Home of the “Green Monster” and the “Fenway Frank”, they’re one of the American League’s eight charter franchises and are as baseball as Louisville Sluggers and Cracker Jacks.

New York Yankees


Let’s put aside all the “Damn Yankees” references and Derek Jeter jokes and take a good look at the New York Yankees’ current logo. It was first worn on their uniforms on April 15, 1947 and yet it’s so timeless that it looks like something someone whipped up last week. The tie-in of using Uncle Sam’s hat to America’s favorite summer pastime is great and something that really plays up the nostalgic feel that fans of baseball love. They used the right amount of color and negative space, clearly you can see a baseball without thinking too much and the blue on the hat ‘pops’ off the screen and gives your eyes a focal point.

Chicago White Sox

White Sox

Even though I consider myself a Cub’s fan (begrudgingly most days this season), the first major league baseball game I attended was a White Sox game at U.S. Cellular Field and because of that they will always have a special place in my heart. I had to include their logo in this blog not only because of that fact, but also because I do believe they have an awesome logo.

It’s been on the Sox’s uniforms for the past twenty-two years and it should be on them for at least the next twenty-two. It’s iconic with its monochromic color scheme that really grabs your attention and makes you look at it entirely, not just little sections of it. Even though some fans wave white socks at the games, which I find a little odd (I hope they’re clean and not the ones they were wearing), I have to give props to the team for being such an awesome example of a great baseball logo!

Logos that Swing and Miss

Now I’m pretty sure this is the question that I’m going to make some enemies, what’s the deal with all the circle logos? I know, I know it’s baseball and baseballs are round, but you could encompass a diamond to represent the bases (nicely done, Tampa Bay Rays or the shape of the entire field from home base to outfield (not sure if that shape has a name or not). Seven of the fifteen teams have round logos… that’s nearly half of the teams with the same shape logo. Snoozeville! Putting that issue aside, I have other issues with some of the logos in this league’s roster.

Texas Rangers

Texas Rangers

Texas Rangers’ logo doesn’t do anything for me. It’s just there. I like the font choice they went with for the lettering surrounding the baseball, but that’s about it. You could easily replace the words with another team’s name and no one would know. There isn’t anything “Texas” about this logo and if there’s one thing Texas wants to be, it’s being unique and one-of-a-kind. Meh. Why not tie something in with rangers like a star or something different that only Texas can boast about. A good jumping off point, but more could be done.

Oakland Athletics

Oakland Athletics

Continuing on with the round logo round-up is the Oakland Athletics’ logo. The ‘A’ in the center is nice looking, but apart from that this logo is incredibly boring. At least the Rangers had a baseball to look at, this logo could easily be for any sport. Or even for a banana. Doesn’t it resemble a sticker you’d find on your morning breakfast than on a baseball hat? Their 1968-1982 logo had some excitement to it and would be fun to see some elements from that era into their current one for kicks and giggles.

Baseball logos in the American League have been around since 1901 when it was established. Some have been great while others are surprising they lasted as long as they did on uniforms, but that sentiment holds true even today. The logo maybe won’t help teams chances of getting into the World Series, but they certainly give something for fans to rally behind and cheer for.

Want to see if your favorite National League baseball team hit their logo out of the park or fouled? Stay tuned for that blog coming soon!

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