The Andrew W.K. Guide to Twitter Marketing (and Partying)

Andrew W.K. is known for his party-hard lifestyle. He is a musician, entertainer, host of Cartoon Network’s Destroy Build Destroy, and a popular Twitter personality. You may recognize him from his music, his long, luscious locks, his party outfit (white T-shirt and white jeans), or the popular picture of him with a bloody nose. No matter how you know him, you know that his personality commands attention.

Whether your brand just launched its Twitter account or you’ve been on Twitter for months, there are always new things to learn. If your Twitter feed has been flat-lining, or you’ve been looking for ways to get started, now you can take a few lessons from one of the pros: Andrew W.K.

Commit to your brand’s personality — It is important that any brand conveys a consistent personality and aesthetic across all forms of media. Andrew W.K.’s personality packs a lot of punch. You can check out his music video for “Party Hard” below to get an idea.

With that powerful of a personality, it is crucial that he conveys it online as well as on stage. Andrew W.K. does just that. From writing most of his tweets in all caps, to mentioning the word “party” in almost every tweet, no one is more committed to their online personality than Andrew W.K.

Post relevant, shareable tips and tricks — Someone who is following your brand on Twitter obviously shares some common interest with you. Maybe they are interested in the same niche market, maybe you are their role model, or maybe they are just interested in what you have to say! Either way, your brand should be posting information that your audience can benefit from and share with their friends.

If you are going to follow Andrew W.K. for one thing, it should be the “PARTY TIPS” that he posts at least once a day. They are usually funny, always party (I am using “party” as an adjective here. Andrew W.K. does this a lot), and sometimes even inspirational.


Andrew W.K.’s “PARTY TIPS” are an inspiration to partiers everywhere.

His party tips are little nuggets of party wisdom, so his fans frequently share them not only on Twitter, but also on Facebook and other blogs. You could do the same thing with tips and tricks relevant to your niche!

Host frequent, creative giveaways — There’s no doubt about it – social media giveaways are a surefire way to increase customer engagement online. However, not just any giveaway will do. Your brand’s Twitter contests should be creative, interactive, and of course, relevant to your target audience.

If anyone knows how to host a creative, fun Twitter giveaway, it is Andrew W.K. He frequently invites his party-hard fans to draw on walls, submit photos, invites fans to view web chats for prizes, and gives away T-shirts, shot glasses, and sometimes even cash for retweets!


Andrew W.K. gets his fans partying with frequent Twitter contests!

Interact with your fans — Contests aren’t the only way that you should engage with your fans. If they take the time to mention you in a tweet, you should take the time to respond. OK, maybe you don’t have the time to respond to every single fan, but respond to as many as possible to show that you’re listening and that you care about their feedback.

Andrew W.K. retweets his fans, encourages his fans to submit photos of themselves partying, and even tweets to say “happy birthday” to his fans. Even though he has over 100,000 followers, his direct communication with fans makes his interaction more personal.

Post frequently — The worst thing that you can do for your Twitter account? Let it sit for days without adding any fresh content. Fans will get bored, and maybe even leave you hanging out to dry, if you don’t tweet often. Andrew W.K. tweets about 5-10 times per day – there is never a dull moment.

The most important thing to remember is that your Twitter account isn’t really all about you – it should be about your fans. Give the people what they want. Keep calm and party on!

What do you think? Which of these elements do you need to work on? Do you follow Andrew W.K. on Twitter? What other things can businesses learn from him?

Image credit to Victoria Morse | VICTORIAMORSE.NET.

Jenna Markowski

Jenna has a much easier time writing about the media and pop culture than she does writing about herself. She enjoys the simple things in life, like puns and typography. She is an avid fan of pop-punk, Halo 3, Spider-Man and origami, with a slight Taco Bell obsession. Her spirit animal is either a bulldog or a panda bear. You can also connect with Jenna on Google+.


  1. Mandy Kilinskis

    Excellent post, Jenna! You sifted through the seat of partying to find some great takeaways for any Twitter account.

    Andrew W.K. seems to best the master at giveaways. Letting people pick whatever they want from his store? Giving away cash? Those are two contests that will really motivate people to participate.

    Amy and I just played “Party Hard” in honor of this post. Talk about excellent music to get your day going. 🙂

  2. Joseph Giorgi

    Awesome post, Jenna! 😀

    Andrew W.K. gets a lot of flak, but I’ll be the first to admit that when I need a good jolt of revitalizing rock, his stuff always does the trick. Like he says, it’s pretty much “impossible to be sad” when you’re head-bangin’.

    Back when his breakthrough album came out and “Party Hard” was big on the radio, my friends and I used to joke about how most of his songs sounded the same. That may have been the case, but that’s never stopped me from rockin’ out to his music even years later. He may have a singular sound, but it’s definitely an enjoyable one. Addictive too.

    I like the tips you’ve mentioned here. I’d have to say that, based on what I’ve read about Twitter, the most important thing to remember is to “post frequenly.” Good call on that. The second you lose momentum online, you’ll end up struggling to regain it.

    • Cybernetic SAM

      Joe “Rockin” Giorgi only rocks in private. To have another human being witness it is as rare as seeing an endangered animal born in the wild; it’s rare, awesome, and kind of weird. 😉

      Sorry dear, just can’t see you rockin’ to Andrew W. K. But, then again, there is a lot I don’t know about you!

  3. Peemo

    I need to step my Twitter game up and start giving stuff away.

    Usually I just post offensive things while enjoying a cocktail on the weekends.

  4. amy

    Great post Jenna! These are some great tips that any company could use, especially buying a round of drinks for my friends and I. Yes, please! LOL

    I personally don’t follow him on Twitter, but several of my friends do so I always end up hearing what his latest tweet was anyways.

  5. Amanda

    Nice post Jenna. Andrew WK’s posts are pretty funny. =) Way to turn them into awesome business tips! **Posting frequently is so important, it keeps people from forgetting you!

  6. Jill Tooley

    Andrew W.K. is a badass, in every sense of the word. I’ve been wanting to see him in concert for years, but I always miss the dates when tickets go on sale! 🙁

    This is an excellent guide that anyone would be foolish not to follow. He may not have millions of followers like other musicians, but he does so well with his close-knit group of followers by doing giveaways and retweeting things his fans say about him. And his party tips always crack me up no matter how down in the dumps I’m feeling!

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