Are Promotional Products More Powerful Than Internet Marketing? Part 1

Considering this is a Quality Logo Products blog, you can probably guess what the answer will be. Let’s take a look at both sides, shall we?

There are definitely perks to spending money on online advertising. Everyone’s connected these days, so your message has the potential to reach a huge audience. There are plenty of sites that offer pay-per-click advertising which means you’re reducing the risk on your end. Also, by picking certain domains that cater specifically to your audience, you can pretty specifically hit a target demographic. Not too shabby.

But here’s how promotional products are better:

1) You don’t throw away a promotional product without looking at it. You do click out of a pop-up ad or even a desired website with an annoying flash banner out of reflex.

How many times have you been working hard at your job when somehow you end up surfing the internet and wind up on someone’s personal website about how amazing East McKeesport, Pennsylvania is. You’re happily clicking through the various picture of last year’s bitchin’ Easter Egg Hunt when all of a sudden a flashy, seizure-inducing ad in the corner informs you in a loud, computerized voice, that you have won a free iPad.

Your first reaction is:
a) That seems legitimate that they’re giving away iPads online. I should click on that banner.
b) Hmm, something may be amiss here, but it’s the internet, so it has to be true!

I would hazard to say even the less internet savvy among us are going with Option C. The company that put money into that ad got attention, all right, but it’s highly unlikely that there will be a click-through or that the internet surfer will even look at the ad long enough to find out what they’re really selling.

Now look at the promotional product’s point of view.

You’re walking along, whistling a happy tune, when someone stops you for a moment. The friendly person says, “Hey, this new restaurant you’re passing by just opened, and we’d love to show the community how awesome we are. Here’s a custom bottle opener and a coupon for 25% off your first meal. Have a good one!”

While you may be annoyed at being stopped (especially if they throw off the whistling on your merry tune), there’s no “X-out” of real life. You politely listen to the pitch and walk away with a couple of freebies. One of the freebies has the name of that new restaurant along with the internet address, giving you a direct link to a legitimate source of information on the new brand.

Even if you’re not interested in checking out the restaurant right away or money’s a little tight, there’s a good chance you’re going to click that personalized bottle opener onto your keychain. Maybe a few months later when things are a little more stable and your tummy starts rumbling, that promotional product will be the nudge you need to check out the new place.

The power of promotional products lasts far beyond a surf session.

Now which sounds more effective? Do you reflexively click out of websites that are covered in ads? Have you ever tossed a promotional product just because you didn’t intend to visit the advertised location or look into the service immediately? What are the pros and cons of each? Sound off in the comments below!

Until next time, keep expanding your brand!


Jana Quinn

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