Assemble the Perfect Brand: Lessons from Marvel’s ‘The Avengers’

Marvel’s new film, The Avengers, is generating a ton of buzz right now.

And while I could talk all day about the brilliant marketing strategies, or their killer Facebook fan page, or their ease in creating brand advocates, I’m going to focus on the characters instead.

Each and every single member of the Avengers is a super hero in their own right. They all have unique qualities that help them defeat evil and save the day. But when the individual heroes band together, that’s when the real day saving begins.

Lucky for you, their qualities can easily be adapted to your business or brand! All you need is…

…a dash of Iron Man’s confidence…

Iron man confidence

Millions of Twitter followers don’t lie – I am that awesome.

Tony Stark might be a smart-ass playboy, but he never hesitates to let you know that. Or how rich and smart he is. And yet, there’s something refreshing about his constant confidence.

If your brand is awesome and you know it, there’s no need to hide in the shadows. Let your personality shine through in your blog posts and web copy, showcase your customer reviews, offer guarantees on your services, and hold yourself accountable. Just be careful not to let your confidence turn into Tony Stark-level narcissism.

…a bushel of Black Widow’s resourcefulness…

Black Widow is a professional spy, so she’s certainly no stranger to dangerous and unpredictable situations. But with quick thinking and brilliant use of her surrounding resources, she still lands on her feet.

Building any brand or business takes time. We can’t all be overnight successes, but we can all be successes. Make note of and use what you have right now. Help out your clients and don’t be afraid to call in some favors.

…a metric ton of Hulk’s strength…

the hulk strength


And I don’t just mean Hulk’s physical strength. I also mean Dr. Bruce Banner’s inner strength for dealing with the fact that he frequently turns into an angry rage monster. That’s a lot to handle.

You’re going to do some heavy lifting for your business. From actual labor like painting and moving furniture, to dealing with cutthroat competitors, it’s going to be hard work. Working those late hours and surviving on a shoestring budget will pay off.

…a pinch of Thor’s unflappability…

One would think that being thrown out of your home on Asgard and having to mix with us humans on Earth would really depress Thor. But no. He moves on and approaches each situation (no matter how dire) as just another thing to cross off his to-do list.

It’s inevitable that something will go wrong. Maybe you had a customer service disaster, or perhaps your leading supplier pulled their products from your shelves. It’s impossible to turn back time; so you’re just going to have to swing back and continue on.

…a cup of Captain America’s leadership…

captain america leadership

Nothing says “leader” like a chiseled jaw.

Leadership comes naturally to Captain America. He respects his team members, delegates duties under pressure, and doesn’t have a problem challenging authority if something seems illogical or unreasonable.

No great brand can succeed without a fantastic leader. It’s up to you to find your perfect management style, but respecting your employees, recognizing their strengths, and pitching in to help should definitely be a part of that style. You know, with great power comes great responsibility and all that.

…and a giant helping of Hawkeye’s perspective.

The most reserved of the Avengers, Hawkeye is constantly vigilant. He prefers using a bow and arrow and physically removing himself from the action so he can get a different view of situation.

No matter how great your company is doing right now, make sure that you take time to step back and refocus. Think of your marketing, branding, and business efforts from another perspective. Are we headed in the right direction? Could our social media contest have been more effective? Did we pick the right promotional product for our tradeshow?

It might take time to assemble the perfect qualities for your brand, but once you’ve found them, you’ll be as unstoppable as the Avengers!**

Anything else we can learn from the Avengers? Which of the heroes from the team is your favorite? How excited are you for the movie?

**Okay, you probably won’t be able to defeat Loki, but you’ll get close.


Mandy Kilinskis

Mandy is proud to be a part of QLP’s content team. A self-professed nerd, her interests include video games, sitcoms, superhero movies, iPods and iPhones but never Macs, and shockingly, writing. Her claims to fame are: owning over forty pairs of Chuck Taylor All Stars, offering spot-on coffee advice, and knowing an unbelievable amount of Disney Princess facts. You can connect with Mandy on


  1. Amy Swanson

    I love that you can find something business related in just about everything, Mandy. This was a great post and one that I, a non-comic book fan, could still understand and walk away with some great tips! Awesome job!! 🙂

    My favorite is Captain America, but c’mon with that ‘boy next door’ adorableness, who could resist him??

    • Mandy Kilinskis

      Well, I sure try. And with all of the Avengers excitement in the office, it wasn’t hard to pick the topic. I’m glad that even non-comic fans can enjoy it! 🙂

      I don’t think that anyone could resist Captain America. I would be wrong to, really.

  2. Jen

    I can’t wait to see this in IMAX 3D tonight!!!! Nice post Mandy, it really revved me up for the movie!

    • Mandy Kilinskis

      I’m super excited to see the movie tonight, too! I’m glad that you liked it and that it put us in an Avengers-y mood! 😀

  3. Jaimie Smith

    This was a neat post Mandy! Like Amy, I am not a comic book fan, but its cool that I was still able to walk away understanding the takeaways from this.
    I liked how each of the character headings were recipe related (dash, cup, helping..that was a great catch there)

    • Mandy Kilinskis

      I’m glad that you still enjoyed the takeaways, Jaimie! And thanks for still reading it even if the subject wasn’t your cup of tea. 🙂

  4. Rachel

    Avengers WHOOO!! I’m so pumped. And these are all excellent takeaways! Every brand can especially benefit from Hawkeye’s perspective, I think. It’s easy to get entrenched in the details and the “now” and forget about the big picture.

    Great stuff, Mandy! 🙂

    • Mandy Kilinskis

      Thanks, Rachel. I’m so stoked for the movie!

      While Hawkeye’s perspective might not be the most fun (who wants to plan for the future when we can swim in money today?), it’s definitely essential if you want to see any kind of longevity for your company.

  5. Jill Tooley

    Iron Man has always been my favorite Marvel hero, but Thor is starting to creep into second place. I’ll admit, I didn’t know much about him prior to the movie that came out last year, but it inspired me to take a closer look at his history and his comic book persona. I’m obsessed with mythology, so I suppose that makes sense. (And the fact that Chris Hemsworth is a total hottie has NOTHING to do with it!) Haha…

    I’m hoping the rest of the team will get a chance to shine in The Avengers movie. I like all of the characters and I think they work ridiculously well together!

    That being said, any workforce could take a page out of the Avengers’ book to build a stronger team, which would make the company stronger as well. All of the traits you mention here are important ones to have, and I think we’ve all known people who embody these in one way or another, whether at work or in personal endeavors. 🙂

    Just for sh*ts and giggles…what do you think Nick Fury would add to the mix (besides more badassery)?


    • Mandy Kilinskis

      Cap is my favorite, with Thor in a close second. There’s something so charming about Cap’s gee-whiz 40s manners. (And the fact that Chris Evans is a total hottie has NOTHING to do with it. ;))

      I think Nick Fury adds his wisdom. He’s been in the war/military/security game longer than any of the other Avengers. Fury not only has those years of experience under his belt, but he has the wisdom to see when and how to push his team.


  6. Bret

    I’m seeing the movie this weekend – me so excited! 🙂

  7. david k waltz

    Mandy, where do you think Bubba would fit into that lineup?

    • Mandy Kilinskis

      Hmmm…I think the Avengers could certainly use Bubba’s universal appeal. Not everyone is a fan of the Avengers team, but if their mascot was Bubba, that would be totally changed. Who could ever not like Bubba??

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