August 2014 Holidays, Observances, and Awareness Dates: Plan Your Promotions!

Summer is in full swing and hopefully so are your promotions! If you need a few ideas to keep the good times rolling, or perhaps just want to join the fun, our calendar of August Holidays and Awareness Dates is here to make your planning simple and fun.

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Kick off August right with International Beer Day on the 1st. Whether you are a bar, brewery, or just a beer lover, we have everything you’ll need for your beer-themed events. August can get hot, so help your (of age) customers cool off this month with a cold refreshing beer in a mug they can take home and tell their friends about!

Speaking of friends, August 3rd is Friendship Day, which means it’s time to cherish your old friends and also make new friends. A great way to do both is to give out customized gift sets your friends are sure to use. From car tool sets to manicure sets, wine sets to golf sets, your friends will have everything they need to do their favorite hobby and maybe even spend a little more time with you and other friends.

If you don’t give away all of your customized Golf Sets on Friendship Day or ordered extra and have some left over, you can hand them out all month long because August is National Golf Month. Sets aren’t the only great giveaway that will get used on the green though! There are plenty of other golf items you can embroider or imprint that your golfing customers are sure to love.

If your customers aren’t the golfing type, perhaps they would enjoy Book Lovers Day. A must-do for libraries and bookstores, almost anyone can celebrate reading and literacy with book themed giveaways to hand out at their event. Your brand can be turning pages (and turning heads too) with your logo printed on something like the Robo Reader Book Light.

When your customers aren’t outside on the green, or curled up with a good book, we hope they are enjoying the outdoors with man’s best friend so they can happily celebrate National Dog Day with you. Plan a great outdoor dog promotion at your local dog park, or welcome dogs into your office for a day for a custom dog treat. If you can’t host an event where you can see your customers adorable pups in person, give out one of the many dog themed items your owners will also enjoy!

Finish out the month with the best Be Kind to Humankind Week starting on the 25th all the way though the 31st. The best way to promote kindness is to be kind, which means you can give out almost any useful promo item. If you don’t have your heart set on a single item for this important week, we recommend Logo Chocolates. Not only are they unique enough to be remembered for years to come, but they can be printed in full color, and really, who doesn’t love chocolate? You will put a smile on all your customers’ faces with a sweet giveaway like this.

Like the products featured on our August Calendar? You can find them on our website: The Mood Beer Stein, Atlas Nonwoven Grocery Tote and Custom Frisbees!

Need to get your August event off the ground in a hurry or just want to make sure you’ve picked the best product for your promotion? Our sales team is standing by ready to help you make your next promotion a hit! You can contact a Quality Logo Products by phone (866-312-5646), by email (info@qualitylogoproducts.com), via live chat, or by leaving a comment below!

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  1. PMO

    I would like to combine Simplify Your Life Week with Relaxation Day and have awesome naps for seven days!

  2. Jaimie

    Definitely celebrating International Beer Day!!! You with me Bubba?

  3. Chase

    Wow! I didn’t know there were so many Holidays in Aug. That is awesome! Truth be told, it was hard for me to get past “International Beer Day” and National Golf Month. True story, I just requested the Aug 1st off to celebrate both, at the same time!!! I often see many holidays that we do not celebrate on calendars. And I think some of these need to have a little more love given to them! And even possibly, allow two great holidays a chance to be celebrated together. 🙂

  4. Kelly Bird

    Did you ever give any thought to how imprints would need to vary for the lefties of the world?

    The standard imprint location for mugs that are only printed on one side, is for the image to be facing a right handed drinker – labeled the “front”. On August 13th, honor those lefties and get your mug imprinted on the back.

    With pencils, instead of having the imprint run left to right with the end of the imprint at the eraser start the imprint at the eraser so lefties don’t have to read it upside down.

  5. Erik Steinbrecher

    International Beer Day is probably one of the greatest days to celebrate…EVER. A must have for parties everywhere has got to be item Q52641, the Red Solo Cup Style Promotional Cup. We’ll help you slap your logo on that bad boy and get you ready to celebrate with all your friends, family or customers. Who knows, maybe on friendship day they will repay the favor.

  6. Jon

    I think you all forgot the most important event in August – My 30th Birthday!

    I am getting for an order of these – http://qualitylogoproducts.com/Q54312.htm and giving them to anyone who comes out to celebrate with me … it is my current favorite piece. If you are celebrating International Beer Day, you can’t go wrong with an order for these.

  7. Jenkins

    Gotta say… I am definitely looking forward to International Beer Day! I already have my Tennessee Mug Beer Stein (Item# Q46) ready!

  8. Anthony

    Wow, there are a lot of holidays for the month of August! But it looks like “International Beer Day” wins in my book! Now its time to get hammered with our Mood Beer Steins (Q5817) while squeezing our Beer Bottle Stress Toy (Q43925) because we’re just dope like that!

  9. Doc

    International Beer Day combined with National Golf month is the perfect combination for a Friday! Pick up some Koozie Six Pack Coolers (Q1393) and celebrate both on the golf course.

  10. GREG

    National golf month, friendship day, and international beer day!!! Is this bro month!! Coolers and Koozies, come and get em!!!

    Of coarse can’t forget international left handers day!! The few, the proud!

  11. Chuck

    Wow! So many cool things in August, but personal fave is National Dog Day. Better get out the pooper scoopers and folding water bowls (item# Q74708) and take your puppy for a nice long walk on that day!

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