August 2016 Holidays, Observances, and Awareness Dates

Where did the summer go? I’m not sure how it managed to escape through my fingers but I want to hit the rewind button to the first day of summer! Us Chicagoans will try to get some summer back by going on a vacation and return all nice and crispy. But then again, why travel when some of the hottest days of the year fall in August? I digress.

Don’t lump August in with fall just yet because there are plenty of activity-focused awareness themes to help give you inspiration for your next timely promotional products purchase. (Try saying that three times fast!) Plus, there’s a nice big bonus if you live somewhere in the southern region because you have plenty of promos to choose from that are perfect for the warm weather!

But life isn’t all fun and games, we have back to school season that rears its head in August. Maybe it’s not all that bad, just the look on the stressed out parents chucking school supplies into their cart at breakneck speed will send a shiver down anyone’s spine. Despite the ups and down of this month, there are plenty of holidays, awareness dates, and observances during August that you’re bound to find something to fit your business as well as make your customers smile. Relaxation Day, anyone?

Check it out below:


Did you catch that there is an International Beer Day? That’s right, a day to sip on the suds of the Gods whether you’re at home in sweats or out trying to fit in with the young hipsters that use phrases like “on fleek” or “for reals”. We have custom beer mugs and beer steins galore, but don’t forget about the almighty custom bottle openers. Customers will love having something useful to pull out of their pocket, especially credit card bottle openers, but also who doesn’t share a cold drink with a friend? Your brand will be in everyone’s hand!

Circling back to the to Back to School Month, there are so many promotional products to choose from, we decided to make one list of our favorite personalized items! You can see through it all from custom calculators to fun branded backpacks that make your logo just as obvious as the (cool) new kid in class. It’s amazing daydreaming about your logo blazoned across each product but don’t limit yourself. Think about filling a backpack with fun giveaway items and doing a raffle or giveaway around the school season!
To round out the month, we have Simplify Your Life Week, National Golf Month, as well as Farmer’s Market Week. All of these have great opportunities to link your business to where the crowds are! Do you have a local Farmer’s Market that is bustling every weekend? See if you can partner by supplying a reusable tote bag with your logo right on the front! Local golf tournament or fundraiser? Try an inexpensive golf towel as a fun and useful giveaway.

Look over our list and let us know what you think! Any other fun holidays or seasonally savvy marketing opportunities that you celebrate?

We’re always here to help you wrap up your summer giveaways. You can give us a buzz (866-312-5646), shoot us over a message (info@qualitylogoproducts.com), or ping us on live chat.

Jennifer Wolanik

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