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Trend Alert Eco-Friendly Products

Trend Alert: Go Green with Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

We’ve definitely come a long way from living in caves and using sticks to create fire. With all our innovation, though, there have also been some environmental consequences that are difficult to ignore. Among these concerns is pollution in the air, litter in the oceans, and a crazy 1,609 pounds of waste per person every […]

Why Water Bottles Are a New Fashion Statement (2)

Why Water Bottles Are a New Fashion Statement

Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton. When you hear these names you probably think of luxe designer duds and high fashion. It’s time for these heavy-hitters to move aside, though, because there’s a new style icon hitting the runways:  the water bottle. Hydration has long been fashionable with the right water bottle a status symbol. – Lauren […]

Abena Saulka

Welcome to the Quality Logo Products Team: Abena Saulka

We’re always looking for the best and the brightest to join the team at Quality Logo Products®! Abena Saulka, the newest member of our technology team, is no exception! Meet Abena, a tech-savvy whiz who’s obsessed with learning, afro-pop music, and Keyser Soze. Abena is another rule <br>eaking developer who’s ready to make sure your […]

Are Promotional Products Still Effective in 2019?

Are Promotional Products Still Effective in 2019?

We are in a world of Google and Facebook ads, Spotify and YouTube spots, and all kinds of other digital marketing. With all that said, you’re probably wondering as a business owner – is there room anymore for old-fashioned items like pens and water bottles featuring your logo? The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), an organization […]

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