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Bret Bonnet

Bret Bonnet is the president and founder of Quality Logo Products. He started the company in 2003 while he was still in college. Now QLP is one of the top distributors of promotional products in the country.

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How Much Swag Should You Order for a Trade Show?

Learn More About Trade Shows How Much Swag Should You Order for a Trade Show?   Learn More About Trade Shows 52 Stats About Trade Shows: Exhibitors & Attendees 15 Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Trade Show for the First Time 11 Trade Show Promotions:…

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7 Things You Should Know About Imprints and Imprint Areas

Whether you’re a first time customer or a promotional products pro, it’s not always easy to be an expert when it comes to ordering promotional items. There’s just so much to know – from ink colors to setup fees to shipping charges…the list goes on…

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The A to Z of Promotional Products: Everything You Need to Know About This Marketing Strategy

What are promotional products and why should I care? It’s a question that’s worth asking, especially if you’re a business owner with a marketing budget. After all, there are plenty of other ad strategies you can try, from billboards and commercials to sponsored Facebook posts.…

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15 Luxury Pens That Make Perfect Gifts for Any Writer

Dig through your junk drawer at home, and you’ll probably come across a bunch of cheap pens. While these are great for grocery lists and quick notes to your spouse, what if you want something a bit more exciting to write with? That’s the beauty…

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