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IKEA Makes the Most of the Least, Part 2: What Big Ideas Can Do for Small Spaces

IKEA. They sell space-conscious furniture. They sell cheap, delicious food. They sell houses? Well, not quite. But they have collaborated with a design firm to provide the interior furnishings for one! Over in Portland, Oregon there’s a design firm – Ideabox – making a name for themselves in pre-fabricated homes, and quite possibly revolutionizing and […]


IKEA Makes the Most of the Least, Part 1: Cost-Effective and Space-Conscious Design

One of my favorite ways of passing time in college was to spend it at IKEA, the Scandinavian (Swedish, for those specificity-lovers out there) home furnishings store. Sure, the escalators for shopping carts were a novelty. The food (fifty-cent hot dogs!!!) was delicious. And the ten-dollar-coffee-table [with a name you couldn’t pronounce] but it was […]


Bringin’ Back the Barbershop: Success in Gender-Centric Business

If you’re a fan of AMC’s “Mad Men,” more likely than not, you’re also a fan of the fashionably-dressed and meticulously-groomed ensemble. Don Draper – fictional character or not – has singlehandedly made the clean-cut, side-parted, slicked-back hairstyle popular again. Things like “combs” and “hair product” have come back into fashion, thankfully. The hairstyle is […]

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