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A Petition to Chicago’s Mayor: Where Advertisement Meets Historic Architecture [OPINION]

“There are some places where advertising actually may be a beautification.” – Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago Do you think Times Square in New York City is festooned top-to-bottom with advertisements for the sake of beautification? For some reason, I doubt it. The city of Chicago, according to Emanuel’s plan, would allow the purchase of […]


What Elmo, Canned Ham, and Social Media Have in Common

He’s squeaky-voiced. Scruffy-haired. Bug-eyed. And fire-engine red. Despite his numerous physical eccentricities, he became a phenomenon. His name? Tickle-Me Elmo. He is one of the many toys to have become a sensation thanks to the holiday season. A toy, or gift, or [in more recent times] new technology the public didn’t knew they needed to […]

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