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All I Really Needed to Know About Teamwork I Learned from Harry Potter

The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling features hundreds of unique characters, many whom form teams to either support or hinder Harry. Teamwork strategies from the Harry Potter series also apply to Muggle (non-magic folk) business dealings. Identify and use individual strengths. Harry knows that his strengths include inspiring others, selflessness, and sheer determination. However, […]


Creative Marketing: 3 Ways to Shake It Up and Stand Out

You’ve developed your marketing campaign, bought ad space, and yet, you’re still not seeing the sales you hoped. So what gives? Ad blindness. It’s a common experience that can make even the cleverest ad go unnoticed. With the internet at our fingertips, it’s easy to mass produce and distribute marketing. But most consumers have seen it all […]


Quality Logo Products Offers Free Prizes for Baking Cookies

Remember in June when QLP celebrated National Bubba Day? While customers received 10% off their orders, the QLP staffers wore yellow, brought in food, and this blogger got a little ambitious and baked up an army of Bubba sugar cookies. Yep. Bubba Cookies. The week before Bubba Day, one of my fellow blog writers proposed […]

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