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Michael Wenger is a born-and-bred salesman. He started Quality Logo Products with Bret Bonnet when they were both in college at North Central College in Naperville, Illinois.

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What Size Should the Graphic Be on a T-Shirt? A Guide to Printing

Are you printing t-shirts? It could band shirts, jerseys for your team, or matching uniforms for your volunteers. If so, you’re likely going to want some kind of logo, design, artwork, or text on all of your custom t-shirts. It’s important that this graphic is…

Office Life

87 Motivational Quotes for Your Employees: Inspiring Words From Historical Figures & Pop Culture

We can all use a little kick in the rear from time to time. It could be that it’s rainy outside, maybe you didn’t sleep that well last night, or in today’s world, a pandemic like COVID-19 has swept the country and is leaving you…

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What Are Imprint Colors? Everything You Need to Know For Your Promotional Products

There are some things you just know how to do like order food at a drive-thru, separate your whites from your darks when doing laundry, put your hair in a fishtail braid for a wedding, and maybe get an incredibly high score in a game…

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How to Choose the Best Custom Mugs for Your Business: 6 Tips to Get You Started

Do you need personalized coffee mugs? You shouldn’t just arbitrarily go picking something out all willy nilly! You should take more time and make sure you’re picking the best custom coffee mugs for your business. According to a survey conducted by Heinz Cup Soup, over…

Industry Insights

30 Color Changing Promotional Items to Put You in a Good Mood

Are you tired of the same old advertising? Do you want to literally bring color to your brand? Well, you’re in luck because there are ton of color changing promotional products that you can customize with your name and/or logo! 68% of people have a…

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