Baby-ish Promotional Products for Baby Showers, Daycare Centers, and Kids at Heart!

Who can benefit from baby-themed promo items? Just about anyone! Whether you’re organizing an upcoming baby shower, you run a daycare or an adoption agency, or you’re starting an “It’s as Easy as 1-2-3” promotion, this blog can help you. These 15 promotional items all have something to do with babies and/or parenthood.

Take a look at these customizable baby items from Quality Logo Products and you’ll go “goo-goo” AND “ga-ga”!

Diaper Bag

Baby Diaper Bag

Who would have thought that customizable diaper bags would be so popular? These carry-all bags each feature a shoulder strap, a changing pad and bound edges…PLUS easy-to-clean fabric.

Picture Frame Magnet (Baby-Themed) from Quality Logo Products

Picture Frame Magnet (Baby-Themed)

Use these baby-themed picture frame magnets as birth announcements, baby shower invitations, and more! The price is right, so scoop up these handy magnet frames while they last.

Baby Bottle Bank

Baby Bottle Bank

Do you prefer the practical side of the baby shower? Try a baby bottle shaped bank to start a special savings account for the new bundle of joy!

Baby Bib from Quality Logo Products

Baby Bib

Face it, we could all use a bib once in awhile! A custom baby bib is a cute way to remember your baby shower or your baby’s first birthday party, and you’ll get many uses out of it.


Baby's First Year Calendar from Quality Logo Products

Baby’s First Year Calendar

First-year calendars are among the most popular baby-themed items because they make awesome keepsakes! Do you run a hospital or a babysitting service? Buy a Baby’s First Year Calendar for all of the new parents you help and they’ll be sure to remember your business!

Baby Rubber Duck from Quality Logo Products

Baby Rubber Duck

Isn’t he cute? This sweet Baby Rubber Duck squeaks when you squeeze him, and anyone who receives this duckie as a gift will squeal with delight! Perfect for baby shower favors!

Safety Plug Covers

Safety Plug Covers

Among all of these cutesy items, you need something to remind you that safety comes first – especially when it comes to babies! These customizable plastic outlet covers will come in handy around the house on a daily basis.

George Chocolate Cigars from Quality Logo Products

Chocolate Cigars

You can’t smoke these Chocolate Cigars, but you can definitely eat them! In the past, people have used a packaged cigar to announce births, but not everyone smokes…so why not appeal to everyone and personalize chocolate cigars instead?

Have you bought any of these baby-themed promo gifts for your special events? Do you have any questions about promotional products?

Let Quality Logo Products know by either commenting below, emailing us at, or calling us at 866-312-5646! We’d love to hear from you!

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