Do you sell toys, cribs, books, or clothes? Are you a nanny or thriving daycare? If the answer is “yes” to any of the above, then adorable babies belong in your target audience!

You want parents to get all googly-eyed over your brand, and the best way to do it is with promotional baby items. Sell custom diaper bags in your store, offer a free onesie to new clients, or give away a basket full of infant gifts as part of a social media contest…the sky’s the limit!

Newborns and toddlers may be an untapped market for your business. Here are baby promotional items that bring the “aw” factor to your advertising!

1. Custom Baby Onesies

custom baby onesies

Custom onesies are the best promotional items for babies. They come in a variety of bright, fun colors, and they’re pretty much blank canvases. Have a blast and print something funny on the front like a movie reference or adorable pun. A good design will sell like hotcakes (or pattycakes in this case!)

2. Personalized Diaper Bags

custom diaper bags

A new mommy or daddy needs a spacious bag! Give them the gift of custom diaper bags, which have plenty of pockets and a long carrying strap. You can offer the bags as an in-store promotion with a purchase, or fill them up and give them out as maternity gifts to patients at your hospital.

3. Bulk Baby Bottles

bulk baby bottles

Since newborns eat every 2 to 3 hours, it’s easy for the bottles to pile up in the sink. Parents are exhausted, and because of this, the last thing they want to do is the dishes. Late night feedings will be a breeze with these 4 oz. baby bottles in bulk. Tired mommies and daddies will always have a bottle in the cabinet when they need one!

4. Custom Baby Bibs

custom baby bibs

Are you tired of cleaning up messy highchairs at your restaurant? Printed baby bibs are exactly what you need! Silicone bibs are better than cloth since they can be wiped clean and have little crumb-catching pockets at the bottom. Offer these baby promo items to any customers who have infants in their parties.

5. Personalized Baby Blankets

personalized baby blankets

Goodnight Moon has nothing on these personalized baby blankets! Made from a soft cotton blend, newborns are sure to feel cozy when it’s time to go to go beddy-bye. Each blanket is 36” H x 30” W, so they’re the perfect size for swaddling a baby like a little bean burrito!

6. Custom Baby Socks

personalized baby socks

Those little piggies get cold at night, so parents will appreciate logo baby socks from their favorite brands! On average, an infant’s feet grow up to 9 sizes in the first 3 years. Be sure your store offers a ton of sizes to keep your customers coming back for more in the future.

7. Custom Baby Toys

custom baby toys

As cute as they are, babies can also be little demons in disguise! They scream in the backseat during traffic and are known to make tub time a nightmare. Those little terrors will be happy and content with toys like personalized baby rattles or custom rubber ducks!

8.  Custom Teddy Bears

custom teddy bears

Nothing’s stronger than the bond between a baby and their teddy. You can forge a new friendship by selling custom stuffed animals from your brand. These baby promotional items are particularly great for nonprofits, pediatrician offices, theme parks, and vacation destinations.

9. Bulk Sippy Cups

personalized sippy cups

They grow up so fast! According to health experts, you can start giving your baby a sippy cup between 6 to 9 months old. Be prepared for that milestone by offering personalized sippy cups to your customers. A cute animal print is sure to be a bestseller!

10. Antibacterial Wet Wipes

custom wet wipes

New parents will change more than 2,000 diapers every single year! Your brand can help with diaper duty by having plenty of antibacterial wipes in stock. Print a cute photo on the top of each package, or some kind of funny joke that lightens the mood.

11. Custom Baby Spoons

custom baby spoons

Here comes the airplane! Babies will love using these custom spoons for their cereal, applesauce, and veggies. No promises that the food won’t get flung all over the place, but at least your brand will be there for every meal!

12. Baby Grooming Items

baby grooming items in gift basket

Are you hosting an event for new parents? Raffle off gift baskets of baby grooming items like hairbrushes, nail clippers, toothbrushes, lotion, and shampoo. These custom toiletry items are perfectly sized for a diaper bag and will come in handy all the time.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a snack food brand, hair stylist, medical center, or hotel, baby promotional items are a great way to hook new parents. This is a big market to reach as there are more than 140 million babies born every year.

Brainstorm ways you can use promotional baby items in your advertising, from offline events like pop-up shops to online campaigns like social media giveaways. Place your order before you go to bed tonight, and you’ll end up sleeping like a baby!


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