Even though Quality Logo Products® is a fairly small company, our employees are physically split between two buildings. And even though we need each other to drive sales and promote our company, we don’t have to physically walk over to talk to each other.

Thus, it occurred to us that while we knew peoples’ names, we didn’t have any idea what they liked to do or how they spent their non-Quality Logo Product hours. Heck, most didn’t know what the other building did during work hours.

There was only one solution to our problem: team building.

What’s the best way to build team unity during the summer? A bags tournament.

For those of you outside the Chicago suburbs, you might know this game as Cornhole. For those of you completely unfamiliar with this game, you must’ve skipped all the fraternity parties in college.

People playing bags
Josh and Laura warm up for some friendly competition.

Teams were created with one player from each building. Our first assignment was to come up with team names. After much deliberation and hundreds of e-mails, our team names ranged from “2010 Bags Tournament Champions” to “Legion of Doom” with everything else in between.

For the next three weeks we fell into a serious bags tournament. But even with the trash talking e-mails, real team building was happening. Employees started crossing into opposite buildings to talk and strategize, but would stay to ask about a poster on a cubicle wall or inquire what the other was currently working on.

Mid-August we moved to the playoffs, and 16 lucky teams (and by lucky, I mean almost all of the teams) competed for the coveted position of 2011 Bags Tournament Champions. There was sweat, there were tears, but most of all, there was heckling.

Vern and Megan take home the 2011 Bags Tournament trophy!
Vern and Megan take home the 2011 Bags Tournament trophy!

In the end, Vern (of our IT department) and Megan (from Sales) took home the gold and earned bragging rights for an entire year. All of us enjoyed having the fifteen minute breaks once or twice a week, and we all definitely had a lot of fun at the office.

Though there was one QLP mascot that had more fun than the rest of us put together. Bubba was seen practicing at all hours of the day and sharpening his competitive edge. Joe even captured a bit of Bubba’s fun to share with all of our readers:

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