The countdown to the holidays has officially begun! If you celebrate Christmas, you probably keep track of the days until December 25th. What better way than with a fun advent calendar?

Christmas is a chaotic time for businesses, big and small. You have to be creative as a company to make it through the holiday season. This could be why some of your favorite brands, from Lego to Jack Daniel’s, have their own unique advent calendars. They’re thinking outside of the box to put their brands on the map.

Whether you give them out as gifts or keep them for yourself, here are 25 of the best advent calendars from your favorite brands.

1. LEGO Advent Calendar

LEGO advent calendar

Build your way through a fun LEGO advent calendar! You can get a LEGO set from movies like Star Wars or Harry Potter, or go the classic route with the winter wonderland pictured here! Open each day to be greeted by a new yuletide brick in a seasonal shape such as an elf, Christmas tree, cozy fireplace, or cute little snowman.

2. Kellogg’s Advent Calendar

Kellogg's advent calendar

You’ll feel like a kid on Christmas morning with these Kellogg’s advent calendars. Each day has either a Pop-Tart or a cereal bar for you to enjoy. Think of it as an easy way to remember to eat breakfast while you’re busy with all those holiday festivities!

3. Coca-Cola Advent Calendar

Coca-Cola advent calendar

Coca-Cola has two true loves: 1) branded merchandise and 2) Christmas. So it’s really no surprise that they have their own advent calendars, beautifully housed inside of red delivery trucks. Pop open each day for little trinkets, like stickers and pins, or for a tasty can of Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, or Orange Fanta.

4. Voluspa Candle Advent Calendar

candle advent calendar

At $118, this Voluspa calendar from Anthropologie is a bit of a splurge and a luxury item. Still, it’s sure to be a hit with the candle lovers in your life! They’ll be treated to 12 glass candles with a brass-plated wick trimmers. The scents include such pleasant aromas as: Wintry Spruce Tree, Blackberry, Crushed Candy Cane, and everyone’s favorite, Butter Cookie!

5. Pringles Advent Calendar

Pringles advent calendar

It’s not just about the sweets around Christmas time! Pringles created their own salty advent calendars that include their top 3 flavors: Original, Salt & Vinegar, and Sour Cream & Onion. You can enjoy these snacks for the 12 days up to Christmas!

6. Jack Daniel’s Advent Calendar

Jack Daniel's advent calendar

Deck the halls with bottles of whiskey…fa la la la la! This season treat your booze buddies to a Jack Daniel’s advent calendar.  Many calendars have only 12 days of goodies, but this one gives you 24 mini taster bottles! Complete the gift with a few whiskey glasses, and you’ve got Christmas in the bag!

7. Bic Pen Advent Calendar

BIC advent calendar

Do you run a business and need corporate gifts? Give your entire staff these adorable Bic advent calendars. There’s a different office supply for every day of the month, including pens and colored pencils. Write a reminder on a sticky note to grab these awesome gifts in bulk asap!

8. Taco Bell Advent Calendar

Taco Bell advent calendar

Taco Bell is no stranger to fun branded merch and has even done ugly Christmas sweaters in the past. The holiday spirit continues with these one-of-a-kind advent calendars, appropriately named “Season’s Heatings.” Taco Bell in Canada used these as promotional items, and each one came with 12 different hot sauce packets. They totally sold out on the very first day of being released!

9. Bonne Maman Advent Calendar

Bonnie Maman advent calendar

Are you a fan of eating toast and bagels for breakfast? Treat yourself to this unique advent calendar from Bonne Maman, which features jams, jellies, and jars of honey. It’s sure to really preserve the spirit of the holiday season!

10. Ulta Beauty Advent Calendar


The “12 Days of Beauty” gift set from Ulta is uniquely packaged in tiny origami shaped paper. Open each one for a surprise eyeshadow, highlighter, mascara, or other great cosmetic gift. Honorable mention – the OPI advent calendar, which features different nail polish colors and is also available at Ulta Beauty!

11. Funko Pop Advent Calendar

Funko Pop advent calendar

Pop culture junkies are sure to love a Funko Pop advent calendar. Choose from different themes including Marvel superheroes, Fortnite, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. You can then open each drawer to reveal one of your favorite characters waiting inside. It’s all the fun of getting a prize from the gumball machine, without all that annoying loose change!

12. The Chuckling Cheese Company Advent Calendar

Cheese advent calendar

Go ahead and make Christmas a little cheesy with these fun advent calendars from The Chuckling Cheese Company! Inside you’ll find individually wrapped gourmet cheeses for 24 days in December. Pair them with crackers and a wooden cutting board for the foodies on your gift list.

13. Mattel Advent Calendar

Barbie advent calendar
Hot Wheels advent calendar

What kid doesn’t want 24 toys instead of one? That’s the beauty of these advent calendars from Mattel. The doll lovers will go crazy over the Barbie boxes, which comes with a Barbie, clothes, and accessories. The future racecar drivers, meanwhile, will freak when they see the Hot Wheels box, which comes with a track, cars, and fun extras like Santa’s sleigh. 

14. Powerfix Advent Calendar

Powerfix advent calendar

Rock a leather toolbelt and make Santa proud this season! And while you’re at it, fill up that belt with wrenches, screwdrivers, and sockets from this Powerfix advent calendar. It’s a great gift for anyone who likes working in the garage!

15. Keurig Advent Calendar

keurig advent calendar

Forget the milk and cookies – what Santa really wants is a good cup of coffee! Brew him up a mug by using these fun advent calendars from Keurig. The Christmas tree packaging contains 12 K-cups with seasonal flavors like Peppermint Mocha, Gingerbread Cookie, and Spice Butter Rum. Three words – yum, yum, and yum!

16. Bath & Body Works Advent Calendar

Bath & Body Works advent calendar

This is one of the more expensive advent calendars on the list, but it’s worth it for the Bath & Body Works superfans. The gift set includes 12 different goodies from the brand, including hand creams, shower gels, fragrant mists, and single wick candles. Now you don’t have to worry about anyone stinking up your house if they come visit for the holidays!

17. Proseco Advent Calendar

Wine advent calendar

Stop whining about your gift shopping and enjoy wining with this unique advent calendar from Proseco! You can sip from 24 mini bottles of wine, one for every day up until Christmas. Better yet, save these adorable bottles and use them as stocking stuffers!

18. Doritos Advent Calendar

Doritos advent calendar

Crunch your way right into Christmas with this Doritos advent calendar! It includes Nacho, Cool Ranch, or Chili Heatwave potato chips behind every door. Plus, with the carrying handle on the top, you can easily bring this cool holiday calendar with to your family gift exchange!

19. Crayola Advent Calendar

Crayola advent calendar

The holidays will be legitimately merry and bright with “Christmas Countdown” advent calendars from Crayola. These cute gifts come with markers, crayons, and festive coloring sheets that feature reindeer and ol’ St. Nick. The kids (and adults who are basically kids) are going to love them!

20. David’s Tea Advent Calendar

David's Tea Advent Calendar

On the first day of Christmas my true love brewed for me….a big cup of Earl Grey tea! David’s Tea has been offering this advent calendar for years, and each addition is better than the last. Peek inside for a new flavor of holiday tea, such as Caramel Shortbread or S’mores Chai. It’ll warm you right up on a cold winter’s night!

21. Wabash Valley Farms Advent Calendar

popcorn advent calendar

Pop in a feel-good Christmas movie like Home Alone or Elf. Once you’re settled, pop some popcorn from Wabash Valley Farms. These tree-shaped advent calendars are for the salty snack enthusiasts. Each day has a new surprise, not limited to kernels, seasonings, and even recipes!

22. Man Crates Advent Calendar

Beef jerky advent calendar

With the Super Bowl right around the corner, football fans are basically glued to their TVs in December. You can’t go wrong giving them a ton of beef jerky for game day snacks! Man Crates has put together these fun advent calendars with a variety of flavors including classic, sriracha hot sauce, and no kidding, root beer habanero!

23. Avon Advent Calendar

Avon advent calendar

Be as pretty as a princess with sparkly jewelry from Avon advent calendars. For a little over $50, you can get these triangular boxes, which come with a silver chain link bracelet and 12 seasonal charms shaped like angel wings, stars, and snowflakes.

24. Play-Doh Advent Calendar

Play-Doh advent calendar

You’ve already decorated gingerbread houses and hung the ornaments on the tree with care. Now it’s time to build cute Christmas figures out of clay! Pick up these Play-Doh advent calendars and have them ready for December 1st. Your kids will be busy creating works of art, so they won’t be in your hair while you’re wrapping gifts! 

25. BrewDog Advent Calendar

Beer advent calendar

Cheers to beers! Bring the brewery to the living room and next to the Christmas tree with beer advent calendars from BrewDog. The box comes with 24 craft beers with cleverly named flavors like “Hoppy Xmas” and “Sour Grinch.” 

Dog Christmas graphic

Bonus: Your dog needs a gift, too! How about dog treat advent calendars?

Dreambone and Frisco have stylish options that you can find online through Amazon, or at retail stores like Target and Walmart.

What is Advent?

What is advent

According to Christian beliefs, advent is the official beginning of the church year. The first advent calendars date back to 1851 and were used by families to keep track of feasts that were held to honor saints.

Most sources point to 1958 as being the first year chocolate was included with the advent calendars. The treat was likely a way to ease children’s grumbling stomachs as they waited for the last day of advent – the January Feast of Epiphany. Today, advent calendars are filled with not only sweets, but also other fun gifts and goodies. They’re a timeless holiday tradition!

Final Thoughts

The advent calendars above are from tried and true brands, but if you’re on a budget this year, you can still steal some of their greatness. Simply use them as inspiration for your own DIY advent calendars. No one has to be the wiser!

The key here is to be creative with your holiday gifts. Advent calendars are some of the best options, and the suggestions above prove you don’t need to have a sweet tooth to enjoy them this holiday season!


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