Everybody loves getting a gift, whether it’s for their birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or just because. Business gifts are especially valuable since they show that you care about your employees. A custom coffee mug that’s decorated with a funny quote, a handwritten card with a thoughtful message, a gift basket filled with delicious treats…there are so many great corporate gift items you can give to your hardworking team.

Get ready to make your employees smile! Here are 25 corporate gift ideas that will boost everyone’s mood this year.

1. Coffee Lover’s Gift Set

Coffee Gift Set

What to include:

It should come as no surprise that 64% of Americans drink at least one cup of coffee every day. With that in mind, everyone on your team will love a corporate gift set that includes coffee grounds, cookies to snack on, and a trendy custom ceramic mug!

2. As Fine as Wine Gift Set

Wine Gift Set

What to include:

Personalize a wine glass with a funny saying like “As Fine as Wine” or “I’ll Drink to That.” You can then round out this employee gift with accessories, chocolates, and a good bottle of wine. 69% of adults like red wine, so go with an affordable brand like Apothic Red Blend.

3. Elegant Laptop Sleeve

Elegant Laptop Sleeve

What to include:

The pandemic totally changed the workforce. In fact, according to Stanford University, 42% of the U.S. labor force is now working from home full-time. Your employees likely rely on their laptops, which is why leather, canvas, or neoprene sleeves are great corporate gifts. Take it a step further by having a custom design embroidered or digitally printed on the front!

4. Digital Pedometer

Digital Pedometer

What to include:

Experts estimate that Americans have gained an average of 12.5 pounds during the pandemic. Your employees are likely feeling the burn… the burn of not being able to work out! While you can’t really get everyone a Fitbit this year, you can get them back on track with a digital pedometer.

5. Charging Station

Charging Station

What to include:

People are texting and updating social media all the time. It’s no wonder the average phone battery only lasts between 5 and 7 hours! Your employees are going to need some extra juice during the day, and that’s the beauty of handing out charging stations as employee gifts.

6. Stylish Bluetooth Speaker

Fabric Bluetooth Speaker

What to include:

Do you need proof that a Bluetooth speaker is a great gift? A survey of over 1,000 American workers found that 94% of people listen to music at work, 35% listen to podcasts, and 15% listen to audiobooks. Your employees are sure to love a stylish wireless speaker, no matter their listening preferences!

7. Keep Calm & Yoga On Gift Set

Yoga Gift Set

What to include:

Let’s circle back to the whole “working out” thing. Yoga is a great way for your employees to get in shape as one session can burn between 180 and 460 calories. Not to mention, they’ll get the added benefit of meditation and Zen, which is something we all need this year!

8. Lowball Glass & Whiskey Stones

Whiskey Gift Set

What to include:

Your employees are probably not going to the bar right now, so bring the drink to them! Engrave the glass with your company’s or employee’s name, and you’ve got yourself some of the best employee gifts for the holidays! These glasses and freezable ice cubes can be used for not just whiskey, but America’s other favorite drinks, which includes spirits, fruit drinks, beer, coffee, and water!

9. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise Cancelling Headphones

What to include:

Nearly 3 out of 4 employees admit to feeling distracted at work. Your team may be working from home now, which means they might be even more sidetracked by pets, loud neighbors, and rambunctious kids. A noise cancelling pair of headphones is a corporate gift that keeps on giving!

10. Sherpa Blanket

Sherpa Blankets

What to include:

It’s pretty chilly around the gift giving season! Help your employees bundle up with a soft Sherpa blanket. It should come as no surprise that streaming services have seen 75% more viewers since the start of the pandemic. We all have a lot of days of cozying up on the couch with Netflix ahead of us, and a nice blanket is sure to come in handy!

11. Bamboo Cutting Board With Snacks

Bamboo Cutting Board With Snacks

What to include:

Thanksgiving may be behind us, and maybe your employees aren’t throwing any parties this year, but that doesn’t mean they won’t love a cutting board gift set! This is an especially relevant employee gift for the holidays as 85% of Americans have changed their food habits since the start of the COVID-19 crisis. 

12. Leather Bound Journal & Stylus Pen

Leather journal and stylus pen

What to include:

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 40.9% of people have reported anxiety or depression due to the pandemic. Journaling is a great way for your employees to vent when they’re feeling at wit’s end. Some will want paper for their thoughts, while others will prefer a phone or tablet. Pair your journals with a stylus pen for the best of both worlds!

13. Sunglasses With Gradient Lenses

Gradient sunglasses with case

What to include:

The Vision Council reports that 78% of Americans are concerned about UV eye exposure. Sunglasses provide much-needed protection and are sure to be appreciated by your employees. Treat them to a trendy pair with gradient lenses as well as a matching case and microfiber cleaning cloth.

14. Trendy Travel Bag

Travel bag

What to include:

Once the pandemic is behind us, we’ll all need a vacation Help your staff be prepared for their next trip with a stylish travel bag. Some airlines charge up to $200 per bag, so your employees will love a bag that helps them avoid the baggage claim!

15. Potted Houseplant

Potted houseplant

What to include:

An air plant or succulent is a literal breath of fresh air, and a welcome employee gift for the holidays! It can work like magic in boosting your team’s mood. Case in point, a study published by the Journal of Physiological Anthropology found that houseplants can make you feel more comfortable and soothed. That’s just what your team needs during this stressful year!

16. Insulated Travel Mug & Candy

Travel mug and M&Ms

What to include:

Nothing’s better on a chilly day than a warm sip of coffee! Your employees will waste over $1,221 every year if they pick up Starbucks instead of making coffee at home. Encourage them to brew their own joe with a stylish insulated travel mug. It also doesn’t hurt to throw in a snack for the road, and M&Ms are easy to eat on the go!

17. Assortment of Sweet Treats

Assortment of Holiday Treats

What to include:

The best part about the holidays is all the sweet treats and delicious snacks that come your way! So it should be no surprise that more than 90% of Americans give out chocolate or candy as holiday gifts. Follow that trend and fill up a basket with sweet treats for your corporate gifts this season!

18. Debossed Padfolio

Debossed padfolio

What to include:

Do you want to create a professional workplace? Give out debossed padfolios as corporate gifts! 96% of HR executives/managers believe a job applicant’s professionalism affects the likelihood of being hired. If your employees want to apply for an internal position, they will look super sleek with one of these in hand. Complete the gift by filling up the padfolio with office supplies like pens and sticky notes.

19. S’mores in a Mason Jar

Smores in a mason jar

What to include:

Your employees will feel as toasty as chestnuts on an open fire with these cute corporate gifts! Hershey’s bars are a great choice for the chocolate as it was voted #1 in America’s list of favorite candies in 2019. After the s’mores are gone, your employees can reuse the mason jars for hot chocolate after a day of sledding or ice skating with the family!

20. Touchscreen Gloves

Touchscreen gloves

What to include:

Frostbite is a concern during the chilly winter months. According to Mayo Clinic in New York, the fingers are one of the most common areas of the body to suffer from frostbite. With that in mind, you should give out touchscreen gloves as employee holiday gifts. Add an embroidered design on each pair, and your employees will always have an easy, stylish way to protect their hands!

21. Game Night Bundle

Game night bundle

What to include:

Before the pandemic started, it was estimated that 93% of Americans spend a majority of their life indoors. Now just imagine how long we’ve been sitting under our roofs, and the snow is only going to increase that cabin fever! Stop boredom in its tracks with a game night bundle for your entire team.

22. Warm Fleece Jacket

Fleece jacket

What to include:

46% of people have lied about liking a gift, but you won’t have to worry about that when you give out a warm fleece jacket! This is one of the best corporate gifts on the list as your employees will zip it up every time they run to the grocery store, get an oil change, or take care of their other errands.

23. Spa Day Gift Set

Spa day gift set

What to include:

Only 39% of men and 32% of women take time for self-care. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it a must to pamper yourself, which is why a spa day at home will be one of the best corporate gifts of the year! Keep it gender neutral so everyone on your team can enjoy receiving this bundle.

24. Glass Water Bottle

Glass water bottles

What to include:

Medical professionals recommend drinking at least eight 250 ml cups of water when you have the flu or a common cold. If everyone on your team refills a 16 oz. glass water bottle one to two times, they’re sure to be well hydrated during flu season! This matters more in a post-COVID world than ever before.

25. Inverted Umbrella

Inverted umbrella

What to include:

Your employees may be spending a lot of time indoors, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to be total hermits! Make sure they’re covered on snowy and rainy days by giving out inverted umbrellas this season. These umbrellas will keep them dry, and help them avoid walking outside with wet hair, which causes the hair to expand and break.

Interesting Stats About Corporate Gifts

  • As of 2018, the business of corporate gifting is worth an estimated $125 billion.
  • 81% of employees feel appreciated when they receive gifts from their employer.
  • 70% of employees believe holiday gift giving has a positive effect on their relationship with their supervisors.
  • 95% of companies see corporate gifting as an important part of their business strategy.

Final Thoughts

The best part about these corporate gift ideas is they’re evergreen. Sure, they may be great recommendations for 2020, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get them for your team in 2021, 2022, and beyond!

Use this gift guide as inspiration, and choose gifts that your staff will be genuinely excited to receive! The right employee holiday gifts could be the mood booster that everyone needs, especially during tough years like this one.


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