It’s a beautiful day outside, so why sit on the couch and mindlessly stare at the TV? Hit the trails and enjoy the sunshine!

Whether you want to go camping, fish on the lake, take a hike, hop on your bike, or climb a 1,000-foot mountain, you’re sure to appreciate these custom aluminum water bottles. These bottles last for years, hold at least 20 ounces, and are customizable with an image/text.  

Here are 10 aluminum water bottles perfect for the great outdoors! They’re great gifts for nature lovers everywhere!

1. Alpine Aluminum Bike Bottles

alpine aluminum bike bottles

According to fitness experts, a beginner can bike for up to 20 miles before they need to rest. Get ready for your trek by filling up the Alpine Aluminum Bike Bottle. These custom water bottles have a cheap price and low minimum, making them a great bulk option for bikeathons.

2. h2go Surge Aluminum Bottles

h2go Surge Aluminum Bottle

H2go is a popular brand with a ton of trendy aluminum bottles. Check out their Surge Bottles, which come in 11 cool colors, have a leakproof flip-up lid, and hold up to 28 ounces. These durable water bottles are great for bike rental shops located in urban areas or vacation hotspots.

3. Aluminum Water Bottles With Straw

aluminum water bottle with straw

You’re in the zone during an outdoor workout, and you don’t want to stop to drink water. Invest in the h2go Allure Aluminum Bottles! Available in 4 colors, these metal bottles have a straw on the lid that is designed for quick sips when you’re on the move.

4. Gradient Aluminum Water Bottles

gradient aluminum water bottles

Are you more likely to go glamping than camping? These cute aluminum water bottles are made for you! The top half is solid silver, while the bottom comes in your choice of 6 gradient colors. Screw off the lid, take a drink, and enjoy your time in nature!

5. Full Color Aluminum Bike Bottles

full color aluminum bike bottles

If you want to print a photo on the bottles, then you should order these Full Color Aluminum Bike Bottles. Unlimited ink colors are included for the decoration, and that’s not counting the other great features like 6 colors to choose from and a handy carabiner on the lid!

6. Aluminum Bottles With Bamboo Lid

aluminum water bottles with bamboo lid

Cork is on-trend right now, so stay with the times by ordering these aluminum water bottles! The cork lid is a nice touch, and there’s also a carrying handle that makes these bottles excellent for casual hikes through forest preserves.

7. Slim Aluminum Bike Bottles

slim bike bottle

Let’s say you’re off-roading in the desert! In that case, you’ll want custom aluminum water bottles that will fit in a cup holder. These slim bike bottles are the best choice. They also have a silicone strap that you can put around your wrist.

8. Aluminum Runaway Bottles

Aluminum Runaway Bottle

Every nature lover will appreciate the Aluminum Runaway Bottles. These bike bottles are just as lightweight as plastic, but way more durable. As a bonus, they also hold 26 ounces of water. Give these metal water bottles out in bulk before an epic wilderness expedition.

9. Metallic Bike Bottles

metallic bike bottle

Do you need promotional items for your nonprofit? The Aluminum Metallic Bike Bottles are available in a small quantity order. These custom water bottles may be cheap, but with 7 metallic colors, they’re also extremely stylish.

10. Sports Bottles With Flip-Top Lid

custom aluminum sports bottles

This aluminum water bottle is for the tough and the rugged. Mountaineers, cliff jumpers, and spelunkers will appreciate these durable sports bottles. Push the button to activate the lid, and stay hydrated while you’re busy thrill seeking!

Final Thoughts

It’s very important to stay hydrated while outside, even if you’re just strolling around your neighborhood. You need to replenish the fluids you’re losing while breaking a sweat, and the best way to do that is by filling up aluminum bike bottles.

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