Fashion trends have been part of culture since as far back as the Victorian area where women wore vibrant green dresses made of arsenic (no kidding). Luckily, our fads have since gotten way safer.  

As of 2022, the ironic boat tote bag is the craze we’re all obsessing over. Millennials and Gen Z’ers love these satirical bags since they essentially give a big middle finger to the idea of being clean cut and wholesome. You won’t find any cutesy prints here. These boat totes are all cheek and sarcastic wit.  

If you’re ready to get in on the ironic boat and tote trend, then this guide is for you. It features a list of custom boat tote bags you can buy now along with a list of funny phrases to go with them.

What is a Boat Tote Bag?

what is a boat tote bag

A preppy clothing brand called L.L. Bean released the boat tote bag in 1944. Named the “Boat and Tote,” these bags were used to make carrying wood and ice easier in rural areas.

Today, a boat tote is a trendy fashion icon! People love these cotton or canvas bags since they’re durable and stylish. Plus, they have a classic look and plenty of storage space.

What Are the Best Custom Boat Tote Bags?

Are you ready to jump on the boat tote trend? Here are the best personalized boat tote bags you can shop for right now.

Large Canvas Boat Tote Bags

large canvas boat tote bag

You’re going to need a bigger boat! Luckily, these large canvas boat tote bags measure 14” H x 23” W and are 7” deep. There’s plenty of room inside for everything you need!

Waterproof Custom Boat Totes

waterproof boat tote bag

Let’s hit the beach! These waterproof custom boat totes are made from polyester, so they dry quickly. Stuff it with your beach towel, flip flops, and sunscreen, and give it away as a raffle prize at a summer event.

Zippered Boat Tote Bags

zippered boat tote

Some days are busy and have you running around all over the place. The last thing you want when things are hectic is for things to fly out of your bag. Grab these custom zippered boat totes, which securely close across the top.

Bayshore Cotton Canvas Boat Totes

canvas cotton boat tote bag

Ahoy matey! If you want that classic L.L. Bean look, then you’ll love the Bayshore Cotton Canvas Boat Totes. These custom bags have preppy striped along the straps and come in your choice of four colors: black, blue, green, or red.

Cheap Boat Tote Bags

cheap custom boat tote bag

Everybody loves a bargain! Stay on trend without going broke by ordering cheap custom boat tote bags. These bestsellers start at under $10 each, and the price only gets lower the more bags you get in a wholesale order

Northwoods Boat Totes

boat tote bag with plaid handles

Are you a 90s kid? You probably rocked the grunge look! Combine rebellion with prep by printing your custom design on the Northwoods Boat Tote Bags. These totes have unexpected plaid accents on the handles.

Shoreline Boat Tote Bags

custom boat tote bag with zippered pocket

Merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream…especially when you carry the Shoreline Boat Tote Bags! These personalized bags have comfy 24” handles and are made from lightweight, water-resistant polyester. These features make carrying them around a breeze!

Recycled Cotton Boat Totes

recycled cotton boat tote bag

An estimated 50 to 100 billion plastic bags end up in oceans every year. Protect marine wildlife by carrying around these recycled cotton boat totes. Not only are they better than plastic, but 1% of sales are donated to eco nonprofits through a partnership with 1% For The Planet.

Brand Name Boat Totes

Cutter & Buck boat tote bag

It may not be L.L. Bean, but Cutter & Buck has their own selection of personalized boat totes. The 100% cotton bag featured here has faux leather accents. At over 7 feet deep, it also has plenty of storage room.

Embroidered Boat Tote Bags

embroidered boat tote bag

With embroidered boat tote bags, love is put into every stitch. As a result, you get that cozy bag that looks more homemade and unique than anything you’d get at the store. Create your text or design on front with seven free thread colors.

What is the Ironic Boat Tote Trend?

the ironic boat and tote trend

According to Harpers Bazaar, the ironic tote bag trend is a way to buck tradition and rebel against “vanilla phrases” that used to be embroidered on these bags.

You won’t find basic sayings like “Life is Beautiful” or “Choose Joy.” Rather, you’ll see sarcastic quips or pop culture references, often printed on the bags in an ironically elegant font. These boat totes are funny, rebellious, snarky, and ultimately, the perfect conversation starters.

Funny Things to Print on a Boat Tote Bag

With so much craziness in the world, it’s hard not to be a little cynical. Express it on a custom boat tote bag! There are a ton of funny phrases or sayings you can print. Here are some ideas.

insane in the membrane boat tote

Insane in the Membrane

Cypress Hill released the fun song “Insane in the Membrane” in 1993. Millennials probably remember this party anthem, which makes this a good phrase to print on ironic boat and totes.

broke as a joke tote bag

Broke as a Joke

Laugh at your own expense, or in this case your expenses. These printed boat tote bags poke fun at all those student loans you still have, but all that shopping you want to do anyway.

ironic boat and tote bag

World’s Best Humble Bragger

Even Alanis Morrissette can’t compete with this irony! If you want everyone to laugh, carry this hilarious personalized boat tote around on your weekend errands.

funny boat tote bag

Swiped Left on Today

When you just “can’t even” and “adulting” is too much, you’ll love seeing this boat tote in your closet. These bags are right on trend since they reference a modern day phrase, but with a snarky twist. Sorry, today. No meet-cute for you!

cool story bro boat tote bag

Cool Story Bro

Perhaps no phrase is more sardonic than “Cool Story Bro.” We use it when someone rambles on and on about something stupid, but we couldn’t care less. Print this wisecrack on a tote bag, and bring it along to your next excruciating business dinner.

ironic Prada boat tote bag


Why shell out hundreds on a new Prada handbag? You can just print the name “Prada” on an ironic boat tote instead! Use a font that won’t be confused with the brand name…just so you don’t have to worry about copyright infringement.

Taco Bell boat tote bag

Gordita Crunch

Taco Bell has a crazy cult following. Young shoppers are willing to buy shirts, hats, and shoes printed with their logo or other brand imagery like the hot sauce packets. Show your love for the fast food restaurant with a boat tote bag customized with “Gordita Crunch.”

Nah Hard Pass Boat Tote Bag

Nah, Hard Pass

It will feel like you’re talking directly to the boat tote bags if you customize them with modern phrases you use with your friends. These funny tote bags are the perfect holiday gifts!

I.D.K. Boat Tote Bag


L.L. Bean has initials in their brand name. You can evoke that same luxury feel by printing the mischievous monogram “I.D.K.” on boat tote bags. Nobody will know you’re secretly parodying the designer look!

Glam Grandma Tote Bag

Glam Grandma

Who says you have to be young to rock a boat tote? Put on your leopard print leggings, dye your hair purple, and drape this funny boat tote bag over your arm. Or embrace the irony and give this bag as a gift to your favorite preteen.

Fun Stats About Boat Tote Bags

  • A girl named Gracie Wiener is credited with starting the boat tote craze. Her Instagram account, @ironicboatandtote, has over 46,000 followers to date.

  • The phrase “boat tote bags” spiked in Google searches in August 2022.

  • Sales on monogram boat tote bags at L.L. Bean were up 30% from last year (2021).

  • Everyone is seeing an increase in boat tote sales! Custom boat tote bags at Quality Logo Products have also surged by 35% since 2021.

  • Navy blue is the most popular strap color for personalized boat tote bags.

Final Thoughts

Custom tote bags are useful everywhere – the grocery store, college, work, the beach, the library, an epic scavenger hunt at your local mall. With that in mind, you’re sure to get a ton of positive attention by jumping on the boat tote trend.

Keep in mind, this boat is sailing away fast. Don’t dawdle and wait for everyone to stop caring as much. You’ll end up being that guy who uses old phrases like “getting jiggy with it.”

Order your custom boat tote bags while the trend is strong, or if you do miss the boat, try to kick it off again in the future!


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