There are days when you’re on the move and are almost too busy to even think. Rather than going through a drive-thru for a drink or stopping at a 7-Eleven for a Slurpee, you should get in the habit of carrying around a portable tumbler!

Custom tumblers are easy to bring with you in the car and are totally resistant to spills. They also happen to be excellent favors for weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries, or even freebies for businesses to give to their clients.

Do you need gift ideas? How about swag for a convention or trade show? Here are personalized tumblers that everyone is sure to love!

1. Double Wall Acrylic Tumblers

double wall acrylic tumblers

Juice, water, soda, and cocktails will stay nice and chilly in double wall tumblers. If you’re looking for a cheap tumbler, the Cool Acrylic Tumblers are for you! They’re made from BPA-free plastic and are safe to clean on the top rack of the dishwasher. Choose from 5 translucent colors: blue, red, green, purple, or clear.

2. Custom Skinny Tumblers

custom skinny tumblers

Do you want custom tumblers that will fit in a cup holder? Skinny tumblers are the perfect choice! The Tube Tumblers With Straw are slim, but still hold 16 ounces. Use one if you like to bring iced or hot coffee on your morning commute.

3. Large Insulated Tumblers

large insulated tumblers

Say “goodbye” to thirsty days! It’s as easy as using large tumblers with straws. You can pour 20 ounces into the Double Wall Acrylic Tumblers, and thanks to the thick walls, the beverage will stay cold all day.

4. Personalized Sequin Tumblers

personalized sequin tumblers

Be as majestic as a mermaid by using a trendy Sequin Tumbler! These sparkly cups come in your choice of 6 glitzy colors like pearl, silver, or gold. Put them in the swag bags at events for your salon, beauty store, or clothing company.

5. Stainless Steel Tumblers

stainless steel tumblers

There are a lot of plastic tumblers out there, but if you really want a chilled drink, it’s all about metal! Stainless steel tumblers have thick double walls that are built to last. Check out the Stainless Steel Double Wall Tumbler, which comes in your choice of 3 metallic colors.

6. Color Changing Tumblers

color changing tumblers

If you’re looking for custom tumblers for kids, look no further! All ages will love the magic of Color Changing Tumblers! These cups go from a dark to light shade when you pour in a cold drink. Order them in bulk for your school, community center, sports league, or town fair.

7. Personalized Stemless Wine Tumblers

personalized stemless wine tumblers

Are you looking for wedding favors? Your guests will love personalized stemless wine tumblers. Available in 10 pretty colors, the Shelby Stemless Wine Glass also makes great swag for bars, restaurants, and vineyards. The clear lid on top helps everyone avoid spills.

8. Custom Photo Tumblers

custom photo tumblers

Enjoy your favorite memories with custom photo tumblers! These 16 oz. cups are awesome for anniversaries, birthday parties, and graduations. You can also print them with your menu or a large ad and use them as promotional items for your restaurant.

9. Tumblers With Bendy Straws

tumblers with bendy straw

Tumblers with bendy straws are especially awesome if you work in the medical field. Your patients might have inhibited movement, which makes drinking enough water tough. These custom logo tumblers are a small thing you can offer on the road to recovery. They come in 8 bright colors that will lift everyone’s spirits!

10. Ombre Tumblers

ombre tumblers

If you’re trying to win over a Gen Z crowd, then you should add these custom tumbler cups to your shopping list! Not only do the Double Wall Chroma Tumblers have a cool ombre look, but they’re also made from stainless steel, which keeps drinks colder. Get them in bulk in cool blue, sleek silver, or fiery red.

11. Mix and Match Tumblers

mix and match tumblers

You’ll feel like an elf in Santa’s workshop if you customize the Ronnie Color Changing Tumblers. Start by choosing from 5 bright cup colors, and then mix-and-match the straw and lid. The end result is a pretty color palette that’s impossible to resist!

12. Clear Tumblers

clear tumblers

Know exactly what you’re drinking by using clear custom tumblers. These cups can be loaded with ice and used for soda or cocktails. When filled with candy or cookies, they’re also great gift holders. The straw gives you a little pop of color!

13. Tumblers With Striped Straws

tumblers with striped straw

Happy holidays! If you’re ordering personalized tumblers as Christmas gifts, then the Slurpy Clear Tumblers With Striped Straw are a wonderful choice. The candy cane stripes on the straw feel festive and come in 6 different colors.

14. Tumblers With Cork Lid

tumblers with cork lid

Put a cork in it! The Vivify Straw Tumblers have a stylish cork lid and silicone base that won’t wobble on a desk or table. You can’t go wrong with these unique custom tumblers, especially if you’re looking for corporate gifts for everyone on your team.

15. Spiral Lid Tumblers

tumblers with spiral lid

It’s hard not to feel hypnotized by the Promotional Double Wall Tumblers. With the spiral lid, these personalized tumblers look good and are insulated to keep your beverages chilled. Fill them with ice and use them for a summer barbecue or picnic!

How Much Are Custom Tumblers?

how much are custom tumblers

Custom tumblers cost anywhere from $1 to $35 each depending on which style you order. Stainless steel, for instance, tends to be more pricey than plastic. The ounce size and brand name also impact the total cost.

Do you want cheap personalized tumblers? Stick with double wall cups made from plastic. Are you willing to splurge? BruMate has a line of tumbler cups that are insulated for hot and cold beverages. Figure out the amount you’re comfortable spending and then go from there!

Why Should I Order Custom Tumblers?

why should I order custom tumblers

Even though many of us don’t work in an office anymore, we still travel an estimated 14,300 miles in a car every year. Custom tumblers are great since you can keep one in your cup holder during every commute.

Not only that, but personalized tumblers are also significantly better for the environment. To-go cups like the ones you get at Starbucks or McDonald’s are terrible for the planet, yet 120 billion disposable cups are thrown out every year.

Cute tumblers keep you hydrated and helps you go green. They’re really the perfect swag or gifts for anyone on your list!

Final Thoughts

Now you’re ready to shop for custom tumblers! The cups featured here are perfect for a variety of events, from family reunions to music festivals. Choose the style that catches your eye, and order them for everyone!

Ready to order wholesale custom tumblers? Do you want other promotional items to go with them? Quality Logo Products® is ready to help you get started!


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