Here’s our guide to the 10 best custom water bottles in 2022. You’ll find large ounce sizes, durable materials, brand names, vacuum insulation, and even bottles that change colors before your eyes!

*Disclaimer: Pricing and minimum quantity are subject to change.

Reusable water bottles are better for the environment than disposable ones. In fact, if one person were to start using a reusable water bottle, they would save 217 plastic bottles from ending up in landfill. The planet thanks you!

The environmental impact alone is enough for you to order personalized water bottles, but they’re also useful for any lifestyle. Custom water bottles are great trade show giveaways, corporate gifts, and swag for schools, gyms, libraries, sports teams, hiking trails, and 5K races.

You can shop for over 1,000 different custom water bottles. 56% of these bottles are made from plastic, 35% are metal (stainless steel or aluminum), 3% are glass, and 6% are made from a combination of these materials.

Get ready to narrow it down, and find the best water bottles for your business or event!


  • 10 lid colors to choose from
  • Made in the USA
  • BPA-free
  • 20 oz. capacity


  • Plastic will become brittle over time
  • Not insulated to keep water cold
  • Push-pull lid may leak if the bottle falls
  • Hand wash only

Best Glass Water Bottle Giveaway Yoli Glass Bottles

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$9.60 ea. 72 qty.

If you want a refreshing, cool sip, you can’t go wrong with glass water bottles! The Giveaway Yoli Glass Bottles are the perfect pick with cozy silicone sleeves and flip-up lids for easy sipping. Don’t forget about the carrying handle, which is great if you’re bringing these bottles along to the gym or on a long nature walk!


  • Low minimum
  • Carrying handle and flip up straw
  • Silicone sleeve to keep hands dry
  • 20 oz. capacity


  • Higher price per bottle
  • Limited colors to choose from
  • Glass is easier to break than plastic or metal
  • May be heavy to carry


  • Carabiner on lid
  • Low minimum
  • 24 oz. capacity
  • Made from durable aluminum


  • May result in metallic aftertaste
  • Closed-top lid that has to be unscrewed
  • Design may chip off when washing
  • Only 6 colors to choose from


  • 21 oz. capacity
  • Stylish wood lid with carrying handle
  • Trendy color selection
  • Insulated for hot or cold drinks


  • Higher cost per bottle
  • May be heavy to carry
  • Sometimes leaves metallic aftertaste
  • Closed-top lid that has to be unscrewed

Best Eco Water Bottle Eco Bamboo Water Bottles

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$21.09 ea. 100 qty.

Go for a high-end look with the Vacuum Sealed Eco Bamboo Bottles. These premium water bottles are made from natural bamboo, making them more eco-friendly than mass-produced plastic or metal bottles. These water bottles are a bit of a splurge so they’re best for only your top clients.


  • Made from eco-friendly bamboo
  • Removable infuser for fruit or tea
  • Copper insulation
  • Stylish look


  • Splurge item (high minimum, high cost)
  • Closed-top lid that has to be unscrewed
  • Small 16 oz. capacity
  • 1 color to choose from


  • BPA-free
  • Hooked handle for easy carrying
  • Large 25 oz. capacity
  • Made in the USA


  • Limited color selection
  • Hand wash only
  • Plastic may become brittle over time
  • Not insulated for cold drinks

Best Brand Name Water Bottle H2GO Surge Water Bottles

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$7.35 ea. 48 qty.

Pour your H20 in custom water bottles from H2GO! This brand is all about style with a bunch of trendy, sleek color options to choose from. The Surge Aluminum Bottles stand apart from the rest thanks to their airtight, drink-through lids and double wall construction.


  • 12 eye-catching colors
  • Low minimum
  • 28 oz. capacity
  • Double wall construction


  • Higher cost per bottle
  • May leave metallic aftertaste
  • Bottle gets slick and tough to carry
  • Thick bottom that won’t fit in cupholder

Best Full Color Water Bottle Vacuum Double Wall Insulated Bottles

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$10.69 ea. 35 qty.

The Vacuum Double Wall Insulated Bottle is the friend you never knew you needed. It’ll go with you everywhere – to work, school, the gym, grocery shopping, and everywhere in between. The bright colors and full color logo are sure to turn heads and get everyone asking, “Where did you get that awesome water bottle?!”


  • Over 15 trendy colors
  • Slim design that fits in a cupholder
  • Keep drinks cold for 24 hours
  • Unlimited ink colors included


  • Higher cost per bottle
  • Closed-top lid that has to be unscrewed
  • Small 17 oz. capacity
  • May leave metallic aftertaste

Best Large Water Bottle Customized Glacier Water Bottles

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$6.65 ea. 102 qty.

The Customized Glacier Water Bottles are perfect for business travelers and those who are into intense workouts. These bottles have a large 64 oz. capacity, which is more than half a gallon of water! Plus, you can easily lug them around thanks to the carrying handle on the lid.


  • Huge 64 oz. capacity
  • Carrying handle on the lid
  • Durable plastic
  • Made in the USA


  • Only 3 colors to choose from
  • Difficult to store
  • Heavy to carry
  • Doesn’t fit in a cupholder or side pocket

Best Novelty Water Bottle Printed Mood Cycle Bottles

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$2.60 ea. 200 qty.

It’s time for a magic trick! When you fill the Printed Mood Cycle Bottles with cool water, they’ll instantly change colors. These are the best custom water bottles for kids and are sure to be a big hit at schools, fairs, and theme parks.


  • BPA-free
  • 10 mix-and-match lid colors
  • Made in the USA
  • 20 oz. capacity


  • Plastic may become brittle over time
  • More expensive than other plastic water bottles
  • Not insulated to keep drinks cold
  • Hand wash only

More Custom Water Bottles for You to Try

*Disclaimer: Pricing and minimum quantity are subject to change.

Ordering Custom Water Bottles: Vocab You Should Know

It’s not like you buy custom water bottles every day! Here are the vocab words you need to know before your next order.


a natural metal that is lightweight, yet durable; commonly used for bike bottles


a synthetic chemical compound that may have a negative impact on health if consumed in high quantities


an American outdoor equipment brand that specializes in hydration packs and water bottles for active lifestyles

Closed Top Lid

a screw-on lid that has to be removed for each drink


a drinkware brand best known for their stylish water bottles, drink tumblers, and travel mugs

Copper Insulation

copper plating on the inner walls of a water bottle, which helps regulate temperature

Flip Top Lid

a water bottle lid that flips up and snaps closed

Full Color Logo

a printing process where the custom design is printed using a digital printer; unlimited ink colors at no additional cost


a drinkware brand known for their bright, trendy metal water bottles


a laser etches custom design onto water bottles


the lowest quantity of water bottles required for your order; this number varies from product to product

Ounce Capacity

the amount of water that can be poured into the bottle


a durable plastic used to make many products including custom water bottles

Push-Pull Lid

a water bottle lid with a straw spout that is pulled up to open and pushed down to close

Screen Print

a printing process where ink is pressed through a screen to create a custom design; usually includes 1 free ink color

Stainless Steel

an artificially made alloy that is strong and long-lasting


a BPA-free plastic used to make many products including custom water bottles

Vacuum Insulation

a type of thermal insulation that regulates temperature for hot and cold drinks


a high-end American brand known for their coolers and insulated drinkware

Custom Water Bottles: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How should I wash custom water bottles?

    A: It’s best to wash custom water bottles by hand. This helps preserve the custom design on the front. Use lukewarm water and a mild dishwashing detergent. Scrub gently and let air dry.

  • Q: How long does shipping take on custom water bottles?

    A: The delivery time will vary depending on the product and your location. Most orders ship in 1 week or less. You can also request rush shipping if you need your water bottles before a deadline.

  • Q: How many ink colors can I use on custom water bottles?

    A: Most water bottles are decorated with screen printing, which includes 1 free ink color. There are also full color options available if you want to print a colorful logo or design.

  • Q: Will I be able to see the water bottles before they’re shipped?

    A: Yes! Your sales rep will send you a free digital proof of your design mocked up on your water bottle of choice. Feel free to request changes until you like what you see.

  • Q: Can I order lower than the minimum on custom water bottles?

    A: The minimum is preset by the factory, and unfortunately cannot be changed. However, you can find water bottles that have smaller quantities. Ask your sales rep if you want to order a lower amount. They’ll recommend a product that works for you.

  • Q: Can I print on the front and back of the water bottles?

    A: You can definitely request a double-sided imprint on certain water bottles. This means your customization will be on both the front and the back of the bottles. If you’re interested, be sure to ask your sales rep for product recommendations.

  • Q: Do you offer samples on custom water bottles?

    A: Quality Logo Products® provides each customer with one free sample up to $7.00 with free UPS ground shipping to qualified customers/addresses. Not all water bottles qualify, so ask your sales rep for more details.

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