Golf may not be your thing, but that’s okay! You can still benefit from using a custom golf towel. Absorbent and durable, these ultra-plush towels are great for everyone, even if you don’t know a bogey from a caddy!

Arnold Palmer said it best – “The road to success is always under construction.” It’s time to pave your way to greatness with the best custom golf towels you can buy now.

If you’re an athlete, dancer, gym rat, or just someone who loves a good towel, you’ll appreciate the recommendations featured here. They’re top of the line, and as a bonus, you can personalize each and every one with any text or image you want!

What Are the Best Golf Towels?

To reach peak performance, it’s best to use a golf towel made from microfiber or cotton. You should also try to find towels with a waffle weave as these are most popular with professional athletes.

Ready to win big? Here are this year’s best custom golf towels!

custom microfiber golf towels

Microfiber Golf Towels

6 colors | 12” x 12” | Microfiber | Grommet & clip

Microfiber belongs on any list of the best golf towels. The material isn’t as thick as cotton, but it makes up for it with extra absorbency and softness. The pros use microfiber golf towels, so if it’s good enough for them, it should be good enough for you!

custom cotton golf towel

Cotton Golf Towels

5 colors | 15” x 18” | 100% Cotton | Grommet & clip

You likely have cotton bath towels at home. Now it’s time to add a few cotton golf towels to your linen closet! Cotton is nice and fluffy, which makes it extremely comfortable to use. Use these towels to mop up sweat, water, grease, or any other moisture.

custom golf towel with waffle weave

Waffle Golf Towels

3 colors | 15” x 18” | Polyester waffle weave | Grommet & clip

Waffles topped with butter, syrup, and powdered sugar sounds amazing right now! Since you can’t have some right now, you’ll just have to make do with these waffle golf towels. The waffle weave is popular since it absorbs moisture while allowing for airflow so the towels don’t stink.

photo golf towel

Photo Golf Towels

Full color print | 24” x 12” | Microfiber | Grommet & clip

Smile and say “cheese”! You can get your favorite picture or a full color ad printed on the front of golf towels. Photo golf towels are a lot more useful than awkward family portraits, and they also make great gifts for the holidays.

long custom golf towel

Embroidered Golf Towels

3 colors | 25” x 16” | Cotton | Grommet & clip

Golf bags are tall, which is why long towels are often favored on the course since they can drape over the side. These custom golf towels are not only 25” tall, but they also come with your design embroidered in 7 free thread colors.

diamond collection golf towel

Diamond Collection Golf Towels

16 colors | 25” x 16” | Velour terry cotton | Grommet & clip

Diamonds are forever, so you can bet people will hang onto these soft golf towels for years! These towels from the Diamond Collection stand out since they come in a ton of fun colors like pink, gold, and burgundy.

triangle fold golf towel

Triangle Fold Golf Towels

4 colors | 23.75” x 23” W | 100% polyester fleece | Swivel hook

Southern belles and aristocrats used to carry hankies in their pockets. These triangle fold golf towels have the same charm! With the swivel hook on top, they can easily be adjusted for easy use. They’re also made from an extremely soft polyester fleece.

velour terry cotton golf towel

Terry Cotton Golf Towels

14 colors | 25” x 16” | Velour terry cotton | Grommet & clip

Do you hate the feeling of a scratchy towel? You won’t have that issue with these plush custom golf towels, which are made from 100% cotton sheared velour terry fibers. That’s a fancy way of saying the material is gentle and lightweight. As a bonus, you can choose from 14 stylish colors!

heavy duty custom microfiber golf towel

Iron Heavy Duty Golf Towels

3 colors | 18” x 12” | Microfiber | Grommet & clip

If you’ve ever used a microfiber cloth, you probably noticed how the material is thin to the touch. These customized golf towels are the heavy duty alternative since they’re 300GSM. In the world of fabric, the higher the GSM, the thicker the material.

rally microfiber golf towel

Rally Microfiber Golf Towels

9 colors | 18” x 11” | Microfiber | Grommet & clip

Rah! Rah! Cheer loud over these microfiber custom golf towels. In sports stadiums around the country, fans wave rally towels over their heads to root for their teams. You can do the same with these towels since they’re 1.5 feet long.

Are Golf Towels Only for Sports?

It may not seem like it, but golf towels are useful for more than just golfing, sports, and fitness. You can keep them in stock in your kitchen, bathroom, or next to the pool!


Bars & Restaurants

Do you manage a restaurant? How about a bar? You can order custom golf towels to keep in the kitchen. The towels will absorb any cooking oils, water, or grease on your staff’s hands.



Fresh towel? You won’t have to ask this question as often if you leave a few golf towels by the pool and in the bathrooms. They’re just as good as hand towels, but with the grommet and clip, you can hang them up for easy use.

water park

Water Parks

Everyone will be impressed if you hang branded golf towels on every chair, lounger, or cabana. Your visitors will be able to quickly dry their hands of any moisture before they pick up their book, magazine, or cell phone!



How awful would it be if your workers were injured because they couldn’t get a good grip? Put a custom golf towel in every toolbelt or on the machines, so there are no accidents.

hair stylist

Hair Stylists

Stylists have to work fast as they cut, dye, and blow dry. Clip a custom golf towel to the back of the chairs at your salon, so your staff can quickly dry their hands in between clients.



Grease is all over an auto shop, which is why mechanics seem to always have dirty hands. Help them out by keeping a few golf towels in the garage.

janitorial service

Janitorial Services

Mopping, sweeping, dusting, and tidying is hard work. Give all your cleaners custom golf towels they can use to keep their hands dry.

recreation center

Recreation Centers

Kids and adults come to your center for rock climbing, archery, horseback riding, dance classes, or an organized 5K run. These are all opportunities to hand out branded golf towels!

trade show

Promotional Giveaways

Whether you’re a local business with a table at a town fair or a startup going to a trade show in the city, you’ll need swag to give to the crowd. Go with something useful like promotional golf towels!

volunteer gifts

Volunteer Gifts

Some volunteer jobs are messy work, not limited to soup kitchens, beach cleanups, and repairing and painting buildings. Hand out swag bags that contain golf towels, cheap shirts, and other gifts.

What Golf Towels Do the Pros Use?

Microfiber golf towels with a waffle pattern were a popular choice in the most recent PGA Tour. Professionals used the microfiber towels to clean grass, dirt, mud, and sand from their clubs and golf balls.

You’re probably not a professional, so if you need to mop up sweat or keep your hands dry, any of the golf towels on the list above will do the trick.

Final Thoughts

There are 1,000 ways you can use custom golf towels even if you’re not a golfer. These soft, absorbent rags work well on the job at restaurants and for cleaning companies. They’re also useful promotional items to give away at trade shows, fundraisers, and other live events.

Are you ready to start a wholesale order? Choose your favorite golf towel from this list, visit the Quality Logo Products website, print a creative design on your chosen towel, and watch how happy you make everyone!


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