Nothing says “party” like light up promotional products! This flashy swag hypes up the crowd at live events and is mesmerizing to not only kids, but also the young at heart.

Think about the lightsabers in the Star Wars franchise. You can’t tear your eyes away from the screen whenever the Jedis use them in battle. How about the cool cars in the Tron franchise? It’s hard to tear your eyes away, right? Likewise, people won’t be able to tear their eyes from your brand if you use light up promos!

Ready to make your company shine bright? Here are 18 light up promotional items that are sure to captivate your audience!

1. Light Up Promotional Pens

light up promotional pens

Taking notes can be so boring, but you won’t have that problem with the Metallic Light Up Pens. These promotional pens have sleek silver caps as well as barrels that glow in your choice of blue, red, white, green, orange, or purple. It will be just like having a mini lightsaber in the palm of your hands!  

2. Light Up Water Bottles

light up water bottles

Drinking water has never looked so cool! These custom water bottles work via LED lights, which are activated using 3 AAA batteries. The outside of the bottle showcases your logo in a bright white spotlight. These cool water bottles are great gifts for forest trails, concert venues, and evening 5Ks.

3. Light Up Beanie Hats

light up beanie hats

Do you need extra safety at a nighttime event? Light up clothing is a great option! These beanies with LED lights are awesome for athletes in a fall bikeathon, or skiers who need more visibility on the slopes. These custom hats are one size fits all and are also equipped with 4 white lights that easily turn on/off when you press the button in the middle.

4. Light Up Ring Lights

led ring lights

Ring lights are handy for a ton of occasions. Use them to enhance the lighting at your pop-up shop for selfies, or hang them up as decorations at your tech store. In this day of remote work, ring lights can also be great corporate gifts. Your team can hook them right onto their laptop, tablet, or cell phone for extra illumination during Zoom meetings.

5. Light Up Bluetooth Speakers

light up bluetooth speakers

It’s party time! Crank up the tunes using the Twilight LED Bluetooth Speaker. These light up speakers offer up to 4 hours of continuous playtime before they need to be charged. Connect them to your smartphone, and enjoy a 7-color light show that’s just as good as any dance club!

6. Light Up Drawstring Bags

light up drawstring bags

If you want the lights to literally have your back, then pick up these LED Light Drawstring Backpacks. Choose between 50%, 75%, and 100% brightness and replace the button cell battery when it’s out of juice. Keep in mind, these bags can only carry about 6 pounds comfortably, so use them for casual camping or hiking trips.

7. Light Up Shoelaces

light up shoelaces

Did you have a pair of light up shoes when you were a kid? Meet the grown up alternative! Light Up Shoelaces add a funky touch to your footwear and are great promotional gifts for clothing stores and fashion shows. Pick from 4 colors: blue, red, white, or lime green. You can also set the shoelaces to 3 different light modes: solid, fast flashing, and blinking.

8. Light Up Ice Cubes

light up ice cubes

Bars, pubs, resorts, and restaurants can wow visitors with these liquid activated light up ice cubes. Splash them into specialty cocktails or smoothies, and offer the drinks as part of a promotional deal. Your customers can sip their tasty beverage and then bring these flashy ice cubes home as a souvenir at the end of their meal!

9. Light Up Yo-Yos

light up yo-yo

Light up toys are fun for kids, even if they’re obsessed with YouTube and video games these days! With that in mind, pick up these cool light up yo-yos for your next event. They make excellent prizes for community events like fairs or fundraisers. You can also use them as favors at retro 80s themed parties!

10. Light Up Bracelets

light up bracelets

Did you organize a marathon in a busy city? Keep your runners visible with Safety Light Bracelets. These promotional light up bracelets are comfortable to wear and blink or solidly glow in 5 different colors. Turn them on/off using the small push button in the back. 

11. Light Up Plastic Rings

light up plastic rings

Your significant other may want a diamond ring, but let’s face it, these Light Up Bling Rings are way better! These light up party favors flash at either a slow or fast pace, depending on the setting. Put them in the goody bags at birthday parties, or offer them as prizes at your arcade.

12. Light Up Picture Frames

light up picture frames

Capture all of your most special moments in Light Up Acrylic Frames. These light up picture frames are wonderful giveaways for high school students, especially for milestones like homecoming, prom, or graduation. You can also customize these LED frames for weddings, family reunions, and anniversary parties.

13. Light Up Fidget Spinners

light up fidget spinner

Party like it’s 2017! Light up fidget spinners make the fad cool once again. Each blade flashes a different color: blue, red, or green, creating a cool effect when they spin around. Offer these promotional toys at your elementary school as part of a book fair or holiday event.

14. Light Up Party Cubes

light up party cubes

You have balloons, streamers, and giant signs. Now you need a little something flashy to decorate your party venue. Try these light up party cubes, which look great as centerpieces on the dinner tables. Each customizable cube has color-changing LED lights that look great as backdrops in pictures, especially at weddings or banquets.

15. Light Up Bottle Opener Coasters

light up bottle opener coaster

Pop the top using Light Up Bottle Opener Coasters! These cool promotional gifts not only work on bottles, but also double as coasters so you can set your drink right on top. Get these coaster/bottle openers for your bar or hand them out at a tailgate before the big game.

16. Light Up Bouncy Balls

light up bouncy balls

For only 25 cents, you can get a normal bouncy ball from the machine. However, if you really want to wow the kids, it’s all about these Flashing Bouncy Balls. The LED lights activate when the ball hits the floor, shining in 1 of 5 colors: blue, red, green, orange, or light blue. Use these promotional toys as stocking stuffers around the holidays.

17. Light Up Umbrellas

light up umbrellas

Lightning won’t be the only thing that’s flashing during a rainstorm! The Cumulus Reversible Light Up Umbrella is a unique gift and great for any event taking place in rainy months like March, April, and May. The handle works as a flashlight, which is handy when you’re navigating your way around town on a cloudy day.  

18. Light Up Crystal Keychains

light up crystal keychains

Your gift shop needs something new. Why not go with these hypnotic LED Crystal Keychains? Your quote, initials, logo, or artwork is laser engraved into the crystal, so be creative with the design! You’ll see it shine nice and bright in blue, cyan, purple, or red, which is activated by loosening or tightening the top of the chain.

How Can I Use Light Up Promotional Items?

ideas for using light up promotional products

Light up promotional items are perfect for exciting events that have big crowds. These custom gifts are particularly well-loved by kids who want to bring a cool souvenir home with them. Light up toys and other gifts make events like concerts, sporting games, shows, and fairs seem more exciting in the moment, creating a memorable atmosphere that people will look back on fondly forever!

If you want to win over the crowd, you can’t go wrong with light up promotional products. Offer them in a gift shop or for free if you’re part of any of the following:

  • Live Events
  • Sports Stadiums
  • Plays & Performances
  • Concerts
  • Schools
  • Outdoor Venues
  • Hiking Trails
  • Arcades
  • Fairs & Festivals
  • Bikeathons & Marathons
  • Casinos
  • Bars & Breweries
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Tourist Attractions
  • Parties
  • Dance Clubs
  • Weddings

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