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In this day and age, who doesn’t love their phone? We use it for everything –  finding a date, looking up new recipes, and getting to our vacation spot without getting lost. The love for which phone, though, has long been divided between iPhone and Android fans.

That vicious battle stops right now! There’s finally something that both iPhone and Android folks can agree on – custom mobile accessories. If you run a non-profit, small business, or any other company, you’d be wise to bring these items into your branding.

The mobile accessories featured here don’t run the risk of becoming obsolete when that iPhone 50 and Samsung S50 comes into the picture. People will still want these cool accessories even while technology forges into the unknown future.

Here are the giveaways that cater to both iPhone & Android lovers.

#1: PopSockets

custom popsockets

The PopSocket™ was invented in 2014 in David Barnett’s garage. For those who don’t know, it’s a simple round knob that sticks accordion style on the back of your phone. You can use this trendy accessory to both hold onto your phone and prop it up if you want to watch a video.

iPhone and Android fans alike love the PopSocket™. In fact, in 2018 a total of 35 million of these little accessories were sold in the United States. The market continues to grow, meaning your brand can still get in on the action!

Need Inspiration?

mcdonald's popsocket

McDonald’s added their secret sauce to an exclusive Big Mac PopSocket! Fans could buy this adorable accessory through McDonald’s online gift shop.

#2: Cell Phone Wallets

custom cell phone wallets

What are the two things you can’t leave home without? For most of us, it’s our cell phone and wallet. You’ll have less chance of forgetting one of the two if you combine them into a cell phone card holder!

According to an article in Consumer Reports, cell phone theft is on the decline, so your money will be safer if it’s attached to your device. The iPhone tends to be thin and sleek, whereas the Android is a bit thicker. Advertise with a cell phone wallet that fits either style, or better yet, go with rfid blocking sleeves for extra security.

#3: Bluetooth Speaker

custom bluetooth speaker

The entire world is connected via Bluetooth. Both iPhone and Android fans use this technology to listen to podcasts and play music. That’s why Bluetooth speakers featuring your company logo are the perfect giveaway!

Any smartphone can stream media via apps. In fact, Spotify alone has 217 million active monthly users and those numbers keep growing every year. A custom Bluetooth speaker gives people a way to listen to the latest jams, that trending podcast, or an audio book recommendation, regardless of which phone they’re using.

Need Inspiration?

ski-ball trade show game

Bluetooth speakers are a bit pricier than pens or water bottles. Color It Candy got creative and gave one as a prize to the person who beat the high score in their Ski-ball game at the Sweet & Snacks Expo in 2019.

#4: Auto Mount

custom phone mount

It doesn’t matter if you like iPhones or Androids. Everybody should be completely hands-free when they’re driving. A custom auto mount gives people a way to stay safe while on the road.

An auto mount is a valuable gift as, according to the National Safety Council, cell phone use results in about 1.6 million crashes every year. Your company might not be able to stop all those accidents, but at the very least, you can do your part by advertising with hands-free technology.

#5: Phone Holders & Stands

custom phone stand

People usually keep their phones right at their desks at work. A phone stand is a safe place to store both iPhones and Androids. Your brand will sit right by whoever receives one and get looked at all day, especially when it’s time to sneak a quick text without the boss noticing.

A crazy 45% of smartphone owners accidentally damage their phones at some point. These damages cost Android users about $2.5 billion and iPhone fans about $10.7 billion! Your brand can ultimately help reduce those costs if you give out custom phone stands as gifts at your next advertising event.

Need Inspiration?

Aurora University phone stand

Aurora University handed out custom phone stands to everyone who presented at their 2018 alumni night.

#6: Headphones

custom earbuds

Sometimes you want to tune out the world around you. It’s in moments like these where a good pair of headphones are essential. They’re a must for everyone who has a phone, whether it’s an iPhone or Android. Keep in mind, iPhone users may need a lightning converter in order to use their headphones.

You might think the younger crowd benefits the most from promotional earbuds. However, don’t forget the older generation! About 54% of Gen X’ers consider themselves tech-savvy and 55% of Baby Boomers own a smartphone. Any age group could get a lot of use from headphones to go with their devices!

#7: Microfiber Cloths

custom microfiber cloths

Those big iPhone and Android screens aren’t going to clean themselves! You can help eliminate dust, fuzz, and all other debris by advertising with branded microfiber cloths.

Do you want to be grossed out? The typical cell phone has 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. It’s no wonder why, really. We check it about 47 times per day, sometimes with unwashed hands. A microfiber cloth won’t get rid of all the germs, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

Need Inspiration?

Verizon Wireless microfiber cloth

Verizon Wireless partnered with Riley’s Children Foundation to create exclusive microfiber cloths. Each one featured artwork that was created by the kids, and all the proceeds went back to the organization.

Your brand will always be with the times if you advertise with any of these accessories. They’re useful, stylish, and relevant – everything a good promotional product should be!

Why Are Mobile Accessories a Powerful Marketing Tool?

custom popsockets

Mobile accessories are spiking in popularity as new tech is getting released. In fact, according to an article in Entrepreneur, the market for PopSockets™, phone stands, and other add-ons is expected to reach $107.3 billion by 2022.

At the end of the day, it isn’t your brand’s place to pick sides. You want to cater to both iPhone and Android enthusiasts, which is why you need to find giveaways that everyone can use. It’s the best way to ensure your brand is always on speed dial! 


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