It’s been another year for the books. Avengers: Endgame dominated at the box office, a bunch of people wanted to invade Area 51, and “Old Town Road” couldn’t get out of our heads.

On the business side of things, many brands were pretty darn creative with their advertising. Whether it was pop-up shops or fun social media posts, companies of all sizes really made some crazy and inventive marketing moves this year.  

You’ll also see all that in action when looking at the all-time greatest promotional products of 2019! Here they are in no particular order.

#1:  Starbucks Color-Changing Tumblers

Starbucks Color Changing Cups

Starbucks has an enormous fanbase, so it’s no surprise that these color-changing tumblers sold out in less than a week. In fact, people loved them so much, sellers were posting them for three times their worth online! The tumblers are not only trendy enough for Instagram, but they’re also way better for the environment than the disposable cups.

Other 2019 Marketing Moment:  A Starbucks cup had a lead role in Game of Thrones when it accidentally appeared on a table during the final season. This resulted in an estimated $2.3 billion in free advertising!

#2:  Dunkin’ Gym Shoes

Dunkin Donuts Gym Shoes

Right on time for the Boston Marathon, Dunkin’ partnered with shoe brand Saucony to release limited edition sneakers. The $110 pair sold out in less than a day, with people lining up outside the store and waiting in the rain for their chance to score some. And who could blame them? These kicks are as sweet as a box of Munchkins!

Other 2019 Marketing Moment:  Dunkin’ released eight nail polish colors inspired by their signature lattes and seasonal Baskin-Robbins ice cream flavored coffees. These were available for a limited time at select salons in Philadelphia.

#3:  McDonald’s Couch


A Twitter contest asked people to share the McDonald’s menu item they’d enjoy the most while reclining on a La-Z-Boy. They also had to tag the restaurant and Uber Eats in their post. One lucky winner would then be selected to receive this big comfy couch. Did I mention it has a built-in McFlurry cooler?

Other 2019 Marketing Moment:  A McDonald’s billboard in Sweden was converted to a “hotel for bees.” The eco-friendly sign was designed to help the country’s bee population from going extinct.

#4:  Red Lobster Fanny Packs


Everyone knows the best part about Red Lobster is their cheddar biscuits. That’s exactly why the seafood restaurant released insulated fanny packs for fans to fill up. To get one, you had to Tweet at Red Lobster in 280 characters or less and tell them what you love most about their cheesy appetizer. Fingers crossed a lobster tank drawstring bag is in our future!

Other 2019 Marketing Moment:  For National Lobster Day on September 25th, the seafood chain offered patrons over a pound of lobster for only $20.

#5:  Portillo’s Pop-Up Shop Merch

The Portillo’s Experience at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, IL was an exclusive pop-up shop that ran from Nov. 6th to Dec. 31st. You could lounge on a couch with pickle and tomato pillows, scratch-and-sniff a hot dog wall, sit in a giant onion ring, and of course, shop a selection of exclusive merch like t-shirts, Portillo’s cup keychains, snow globes, hats, hoodies, plush dogs, and even bibs!

Other 2019 Marketing Moment:  A Portillo’s in Fort Wayne, Indiana released a food truck known as “The Beef Bus.” It was a 2019 Ford F59 that was full of all your favorite menu items.

#6:  Oreo Xbox One X

Oreos Xbox One X

For their 30-day “The Stuf Inside” promotion, Oreo gave fans the opportunity to score a bunch of cool merch. To play, you had to simply open an animated cookie and see what waited inside. You could win an iRobot Roomba Vacuum, snowboard, cookie jar, leggings, headphones, or one of these super cool Oreo Xbox One X’s.

#7:  KFC Animal-Skin Rug


The lush Colonel Sanders rug made its debut right in time for Valentine’s Day. You could enter an online contest for the chance to curl up with your significant other and the KFC Date Night Package – a prize that also included two pairs of fried chicken pajamas and a KFC gift card for two. After all, nothing is crispier than a night in with a bottle of wine and a bucket of chicken.

Other 2019 Marketing Moment:  It’s been a weird year of love for KFC. Aside from this luxurious rug, you could also try and woo the Colonel via a mobile dating simulator app.

#8:  Vue Cinema Comfort Kits


IT, the remake based on the Stephen King novel, is currently the highest grossing horror movie of all time. Vue Cinema wisely made their theater the one to go to for the sequel by offering moviegoers a comfort kit to use during the film. This included a squishy stress ball, blanket, and earplugs, all housed inside a Vue Cinema bag. Bring in the clown!

Other 2019 Marketing Moment:  Vue Cinema takes new releases very seriously. For the debut of the Downton Abbey film, the theater hired a full-blown string quartet to greet guests in the lobby.

#9:  Arby’s Subscription Boxes


In Georgia, fans could sign up for the Arby’s of the Month Club and score 6 months of branded surprises delivered right to their door for only a one-time fee of $25. The first month’s edition included a knit beanie, bacon scarf, serving tray, and temporary tattoos. This deal was so good, it sold out in just under an hour!

Other 2019 Marketing Moment:  Arby’s celebrated Oktoberfest with the release of lederhosen decorated with sandwiches. These were fittingly referred to as “Meaterhosen.”

#10:  Hidden Valley Summer Gear

Source: hidden.valley, Instagram

Do you need a way to show your love of ranch at your next pool party? Well, you’re in luck! Hidden Valley released a line of swimsuits, beach towels, floaties, and other summer wear for ranch lovers everywhere. And the best part is you can still get all this fun gear in their online shop!

Other 2019 Marketing Moment:  Hidden Valley was part of the festival circuit in 2019 with their Coast-to-Coast Ranch Dressing Tour. It wasn’t music, but an opportunity for restaurants all over the United States to submit creations using Hidden Valley seasonings.

#11:  Allstate Disaster Preparedness Kits


Promotional products are more than just t-shirts, stress balls, and quirky fanny packs. They can also be used for good. Take for instance the Allstate Foundation’s disaster preparedness kits. 2,000 drawstring bags were filled with custom sanitizer wipes, whistles, and other items. These were then handed out in Oregon to help families in that area prepare for wildfires or flooding.  

Other 2019 Marketing Moment:  Actor Dean Winters, you know that guy from Brooklyn Nine-Nine and 30 Rock,  pretended to be a cat in the wildly popular Allstate Mayhem home insurance commercials. 

#12:  Taco Bell Back to School Merch


It’s been a big year for Taco Bell. Not only did they start offering exclusive shirts, bodysuits, and leggings at Forever 21 stores, they also released awesome back to school gear like backpacks, travel mugs, notebooks, flash drives, pens, and pencil cases. Prices on this merch ranged from anywhere between $5 and $85.

Other 2019 Marketing Moment:  Reservations for the Taco Bell pop-up hotel in Palm Springs, Florida sold out in less than two minutes!

#13:  Chicago Blackhawks Margaritaville Merch


You might not immediately think Jimmy Buffet and hockey go together. However, that didn’t stop the Chicago Blackhawks from releasing Caribbean inspired merch for National Margarita Day. The first 1,500 fans who came to the United Center received an “Escape to Margaritaville” t-shirt with the Blackhawks logo. One lucky winner was also able to ride away on a Margaritaville-themed bicycle.

Other 2019 Marketing Moment:  The Blackhawks held an exclusive event for Día de los Muertos on October 14th. There was a live Mariachi band, face painters, themed characters, limited edition sugar skull bobbleheads, and exclusive hats for first 2,000 fans to come to the game.

#14:  Wendy’s Role Playing Game


Wendy’s did what they do best and took to Twitter to announce the debut of the 97-page roleplaying game, Feasts of Legends. It’s like Dungeons & Dragons, only you fight McDonald’s, Burger King, and other fast food rivals in epic battles. You also have to eat Wendy’s chicken nuggets, hamburgers, and French fries in order to survive.

Other 2019 Marketing Moment:  Chance the Rapper got Wendy’s to bring back spicy chicken nuggets simply by tweeting at the restaurant. Over two million users liked the post, and just like that, the nuggets were back on the menu.

#15:  Ozzy Osbourne’s Plush Bats

Source: @OzzyOsbourne, Twitter

Ozzy Osbourne marketed this truly one-of-a-kind plush bat to his fans on Twitter in a way only Ozzy could:  Today marks the 37th anniversary since I bit a head off a f*cking bat! Celebrate with this commemorative plush with detachable head. Are you a metalhead? Grab yours for $40 through Ozzy’s online store.

Other 2019 Marketing Moment:  Ozzy Osbourne didn’t have any other marketing moments in 2019. He’s been leaving the bats alone and focusing on his health.

Final Thoughts

People are no longer happy with simple giveaways and the occasional social media contest. They really want to experience a brand, whether it’s through a Hidden Valley bikini, giant Portillo’s pickle pillow, or a Colonel Sanders bearskin rug.

The marketing this year has been nothing short of fun, and it’ll be exciting to see what 2020 has in store!


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