Grill up the burgers and make some nachos! The big game is finally here, and millions are pregaming in the parking lot. Your franchise or league can keep spirits high with tailgate promotional items.

Do you need tailgate giveaway ideas? You’re in luck! Here’s a list of the best swag you can hand out to the crowd at a tailgate. Raffle them as prizes or give them to the winners of a contest.

Cool tailgate giveaways pump up the crowd and get them even more excited to root your team to victory. Here are the items you should try now!

What is a Tailgate?

what is a tailgate

In the world of sports, a tailgate is a party that takes place before or after the game. It’s called a “tailgate” because it’s usually held in the parking lot around the open tailgate of a car.

There is usually beer, grilled food, and plenty of snacks at a tailgate. You’ll also hear music playing and see lawn games like cornhole and Frisbee.

Did You Know? The first tailgate party was in 1869 in New Jersey at a football game between Princeton and Rutgers University.  

What Are the Best Tailgate Giveaways?

You should give away sports themed items or memorabilia at a tailgate. Ideally, the swag should fun enough to post on social media. It also helps for it to be branded with your team’s logo or mascot.

Here are the best tailgate giveaway items!

Sports Stress Balls

basketball, football, and baseball stress balls

It’s the last quarter or inning, and the score is tied. Your fans need tailgate swag they can use later when tensions are high, so toss out branded sports stress balls!

Spirit Wear

custom shirt, hoodie, and beanie

Not everyone is brave enough to paint their bodies for the big game. Help them still show their fandom with promotional spirit wear like logo baseball hats, jackets, t-shirts, hoodies, and beanies.

Promotional Pom Poms

custom pom poms

It’s time to do the wave! Hand out promotional pom poms in your team colors to all the rowdy tailgaters. You don’t have to stand at the top of a cheerleading pyramid to root on your squad!

Custom Foam Fingers

custom foam finger

We’re #1! We’re #1! Promotional foam fingers are classic tailgate swag that everyone will appreciate. Now you just need foam middle fingers for the rivals!

Clear Custom Bags

clear custom bag

Security is tight at sports arenas and stadiums, which is why many venues require fans to carry see-through bags. Hand out clear custom bags as tailgate swag, and no one will have to worry about having to run all their stuff back to the car.

Custom Lawn Chairs

custom lawn chair

The back of a pickup truck isn’t really that comfortable! Everyone at the tailgate will be thrilled for the chance to win custom lawn chairs. Sell raffle tickets, and offer them as prizes.

Cheap Noise Makers

custom noisemakers for sports games

When it comes to tailgate giveaways, you want items that create a positive atmosphere and make everyone feel hyped up. Megaphones, hand clappers, cowbells, and other noisemakers are a great way to hype up the crowd.

Custom Bottle Koozies

custom bottle koozie

Beer here! You can’t have a successful party without plenty of drinks! Custom bottle koozies are the best giveaways for tailgates since they will get plenty of use.

Custom BBQ Sets

No tailgate is complete without hot dogs and burgers! Give your grill masters something to cheer about with custom BBQ sets, or even personalized aprons they can rock while cooking. These tailgate giveaways are great prizes for raffles, games, and contests.

Insulated Travel Mugs

custom travel mug

Football season lasts into the colder months of the year. Warm everyone up with custom travel mugs, and if you’re feeling really generous, complimentary coffee and hot chocolate.

Roll-Up Blankets

custom roll-up blanket for sports games

If you want people to feel genuinely excited, then these custom roll-up blankets are excellent tailgate promotional items! Bulky blankets are tough to carry in and out of the game, so everyone is sure to appreciate them as free gifts.

Light Up Swag

light up skull cup

Illuminate the smiling faces in the stadium by handing out light up toys at the tailgate. You can also sell light up cups in the concession stands!

Custom Frisbees

custom frisbee

Some people like to toss around a football at a tailgate. Others love to chug a beer while playing cornhole. Give these active folks something else to play with by handing out custom frisbees.

Stadium Seat Cushions

custom stadium seat cushion

Ouch! Those hard stadium seats are really hard on the fanny. Go around at the tailgate and hand everyone one of these custom bleacher cushions.

Mini Bluetooth Speakers

round custom Bluetooth speaker

What’s on your tailgate playlist? “We Are the Champions” by Queen? “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor? Fans will be able to crank up their game day jams if you give out custom Bluetooth speakers.

License Plate Frames

custom license plate frame

You can’t have a tailgate without a few actual tailgates! Whether they drive a pickup truck or a flashy sports car, all the sports fans will love a custom license plate frame printed with their favorite team’s logo.

Hand Sanitizer Keychains

custom sanitizer keychain

Sometimes you only have access to a port-o-potty. You probably won’t use promotional toilet paper as tailgate swag, but you could at least give out free hand sanitizer keychains!

Promotional Calendar Magnets

custom calendar magnet

If you give out promotional calendar magnets, everyone will know exactly when every game is scheduled for the season. They can plan even more awesome tailgates in the future!

Bottle Opener Keychains

custom bottle opener keychain

Bottle openers are small, so they’re easy to misplace. Give away bottle opener keychains at the tailgate! Fans can hook them right next to their car keys and use them throughout the party.

Temporary Tattoos

paw print temporary tattoo

Kids are at the tailgate, too! Mom and dad would be devastated if they came home with a real tattoo of their favorite team’s mascot. Customizable temporary tattoos are the next best thing!

What to Print on Tailgate Swag

Promotional items are a great way to provide more advertising for a sports team. With that in mind, you should print your branding on every piece of swag you give away.

Do you need ideas on what to print? You can customize your tailgate swag with the following:


Print your team’s name and/or logo on the front of the tailgate giveaways. It’s a classic design, but it works!

mascot bottle koozie


Mascots bring a smile to our face while they cheer and dance on the sidelines. Show them love by getting them printed on your tailgate swag.

Inside Joke

Get your fans laughing with tailgate swag that pokes fun at a myth or moment in your team’s history.

Cheer or Quote

Did your voice go hoarse from screaming too much? Let your tailgate swag do the cheering for you!


Sporting venues have advertising on the walls and on the Jumbotron. However, you are more likely to remember the companies if you go home with branded swag.

Final Thoughts

Sports memorabilia is a big part of the game. Fans have rocked jerseys, held up foam fingers, and nodded along with their bobbleheads for years!

Love for your team is almost as passionate as the love you felt at your wedding. Sometimes it’s even more intense! With that in mind, the fans are going to be pumped to receive any of these cool tailgate promotional items.  Get yours before the big game!


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