Big Bird Advice: 5 Sesame Street Songs to Make You Smile and Enjoy Life

nless you’ve been asleep or confined to your home without access to the outside world for the past month, you know that Sesame Street‘s Big Bird has been a hot topic lately. Well, you can rest assured that I’m not here to discuss any of that (you can Google it if you really don’t know). Instead, I’d like to lift a few spirits and feature 5 songs sung by our yellow feathered friend!

All of these songs appeared on Sesame Street through the years, and they have a lot to offer adults even though they were originally geared toward children. Take a peek and draw some warm fuzzies (or would it be warm featheries?) from Big Bird and the gang.

1. Everyone Makes Mistakes

In this song, Big Bird shows us that it’s okay to mess up. We can all relate to it because there’s not one person on the planet who hasn’t made a mistake. Don’t get too upset the next time an error comes your way — simply pull up this video and hit play. (Hey, that was an unintentional rhyme!)

Memorable line: “If everyone in the whole wide world makes mistakes, then why can’t you?”

2. Happy to Be Me

We should all be happy with what we have and who we are, right? Right. Instead of focusing on the traits you dislike about yourself, try focusing on the things you do like. And for goodness’ sake, don’t let anyone tell you that you’re somehow inferior. If an eight-foot-tall bird can be proud of who he is, then so can we!

Memorable line: “So I’ll say it loud and I’ll say it proudly: I’m glad to be the way I am. I’m happy to be me!”

3. Love Will Keep Us Together

Okay, so technically this is from The Muppet Show and not Sesame Street. Also, it’s not an original song. But it was too good to resist. Love is the main theme of countless love songs and stories, and it works its way into everyone’s life. It’s the thing we all need (besides food, water, and oxygen) and it’s ultimately what will bind us together.

Memorable line: “Some sweet talkin’ bird comes along, singing a song…don’t mess around, now we’ve got to be strong. Look in my heart and let love keep us together.”

4. Easy Going Day

Garfield the cartoon cat may get stressed out on Mondays, but Big Bird believes that any day can be an easy going one if you get into the mindset. You can transform mediocre days and crummy days into positive experiences if you let go of the drama a bit. Perhaps listening to this song and seeing others in action will help you get there.

Memorable line: “We’re easy going. We’ll laugh our cares away.”

5. You’re Gonna Be a Star

Kids aren’t the only ones who get discouraged and feel like they want to give up when things prove tough. When you have a goal and a pocketful of ambition, you have to latch onto it and refuse to let go until you’ve accomplished it! Big Bird believes that as well, and this video shows the bird at his best: Encouraging a child’s dreams and urging him to never give up.

Memorable line: “Don’t give up! You’ve gotta believe it will happen. I do. A shiny little star is what you’re gonna be, just you wait and see!”

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which industry we work in or even which political affiliation we identify with — we’re all people who experience the same emotions from time to time. Big Bird and his Sesame Street buddies don’t take any sides and they don’t have any hidden agendas. They’re the equal opportunity cheer-givers! Remember these songs the next time you’re feeling stressed or sad and take a few minutes to think about the big picture. Sometimes the most helpful solutions are the simplest.

A special thanks to the Muppet Wiki I found — it’s an awesome resource for any Big Bird, Sesame Street, or Muppets fan.

Image credit to Big Bird’s Facebook page.