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Celebrate the Human Body with Body Part Stress Balls!

I bet you didn’t think there were a lot of body part stress balls, did you? And furthermore, I bet you didn’t think there’d be enough body part stress relievers to merit a TWO-PART blog post, right? Well that’s where you’re wrong! Quality Logo Products® has a vast selection of stress balls designed to look like various parts of the body…both internal and external. Since there are so many squeezies, I’ve decided to split the list into two parts; the first part of this blog post (which you’re reading right now) will be about human body parts found on the inside and the second part (which you’ll read tomorrow) will be about human body parts found on the outside.

Red Blood Cell Stress Reliever, Brain Stress Ball, and Anatomical Heart Stress Ball:

These body part squeezies seemed like naturals to group together. How could we function without our blood, our brains, or our hearts? The red blood cell stress balls are perfectly shaped for squeezing, and they have a large print area to advertise your products and services. The brain stress relievers come in a bunch of different colors (like red, gray, blue, pink, green, and yellow) but I’m featuring the gray brain because it’s the most accurate. These brainy stress balls are also fun to squish, and they fit nicely into the palm of your hand. The heart stress relievers are anatomically correct (at least somewhat) for those of us who understand that hearts aren’t perfectly symmetrical and Valentine’s-Day-esque. Charities, hospitals, and medical facilities have used anatomical heart squeezies to spread awareness and to raise funds for different causes!

Spinal Cord Stress Ball, Bone Stress Ball, and Tooth Stress Ball:

I figured that the spine stress reliever, the bone stress reliever, and the tooth-shaped squeezie should be pictured together since they’re all bone-related. Obviously, the Spinal Cord Stress Ball is a top choice of chiropractors and specialty doctors, but I don’t feel that its awesome shape is ever emphasized enough. Just look at those spine grooves – couldn’t you visualize squeezing one of these ergonomic stress balls? I know I could! And as for the Bone Stress Ball and the Tooth Stress Ball…how many opportunities do you get to squish bones? Now’s your chance. Bone-shaped stress balls are often customized by medial professionals, but they can also double as dog bone stress balls for pet professionals! Tooth stress relievers are coveted by dentists and are probably the only examples of soft teeth being a GOOD thing.

Stomach Stress Ball, Intestines Stress Ball, and Kidney Stress Ball:

They say that the stomach is the best way to get to clients’ hearts…but I think that stomach stress relievers would do the trick as well. In fact, so would the intestines stress balls and the kidney stress balls! All of these body parts are buried pretty deeply and don’t tend to get a lot of attention, which is a terrible shame. You could generate publicity out the wazoo if you personalize some stomach squeezies for your new buffet restaurant, and you could advertise the hell out of your internal medicine practice with either the intestines stress relievers or the kidney-shaped stress balls! People shouldn’t be grossed out or afraid of their body parts, and I think that it would be very beneficial and educational to have a foam version on desks and in classrooms!

Lung Stress Ball and Prostate Stress Reliever:

The lung stress reliever is pretty common, but many people don’t know what to think about the prostate stress ball. I think both of them are brilliant! What better way to rally against lung cancer than with lung-shaped stress balls? Just like the anatomical heart stress relievers, these Lung Stress Balls are more detailed and feature little veins and crevices. Your logo would look fab against the dark red color, too! The Prostate Stress Relievers are detailed as well, and you’d be surprised how incredibly popular they are for doctors’ offices, medical centers, and to raise money for prostate cancer research!

I know it’s going to be difficult to contain your excitement until the conclusion of this blog post, but just hang in there! If you need help in the meantime, please contact us via email ( or via phone (866-312-5646). You can also leave a comment on this post or contact us on Facebook or Twitter. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you again very soon!

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  1. Bret Bonnet

    I always thought that the prostate stress ball looked more like a fruit opposed to a body part. It’s sure a good thing I didn’t try putting it in my mouth. This would be pretty funny to include in one of those “faux” fruit baskets people leave out as decorattion around the house; you know, to see if people actually think it is a fruit!

  2. QLP Jill

    You know what, you’re right. They kind of look like pomegranates or something!

  3. Stress Balls

    Thanks for sharing with me/us. Well done. Looking forward to more from you!

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