Dust flies through the air when she rounds third, kicking up her cleats to make it all the way home. If she can just get there in time, she’s secured a victory for her team. On the sidelines, little hands grasp the chain link fence in the dugout, jumping up and down and waiting with bated breath to see what happens.  She slides into the base, the umpire throws out his hands like an airplane, and the crowd goes crazy!

Bolingbrook Teeball Association

This moment is brought to you by the Bolingbrook Tee-Ball Association, a non-profit in operation since the 80s. This group of volunteers is united by their love for the game and the desire to see young athletes connect with themselves and their community. You may see a mom out there who just worked a full 40-hour work week and is now sweating in the concession stand or an uncle balancing the scorebook on his lap as he claps ecstatically over a double play. For this group of baseball believers, there’s no better place to be than the field.

Whether it’s volleyball or football, tennis or racquetball, maybe even Quidditch, important life values are learned when a youngster plays for a team. Playing a sport can teach kids how to become more loyal, hardworking, and self-motivated members of society. When that serve flies over the net for the first time or the ball finds its way to the goal, you best believe the little athlete will feel incredibly proud of what they were able to achieve. That’s why it’s alarming to know 70% of children drop out of organized sports by age 13.

“In youth sports, you learn teamwork, you learn patience, and sportsmanship is a big thing. It’s important for us as individuals to still keep these things running so the kids that are interested can have the best experience we can possibly give them.” –Tyler G., Board Rep., Bolingbrook Tee-Ball Association.

Bolingbrook Teeball

As awesome as it is to go to the diamond and see the kids learn how to play, non-profit organizations like the Bolingbrook Tee-Ball Association struggle to get sufficient resources, volunteers, or community support. This takes away an opportunity for kids to make new friends, inherit important values, and have moments they’ll cherish forever. “I actually went through this program as a kid myself and it was amazing,” said Tyler G., “I loved everything about it. I can still remember being so excited to go out there and play baseball, you felt like a pro athlete at that age.”

Excitedly won the championship

Without donors, volunteers, and resources, the Yankees (pictured here) would never have felt the joy of coming back from a six run deficit to beat the Athletics. Parents busted their backs to wash those royal blue uniforms, coaches sacrificed time on the couch after work, and volunteers mowed and chalked the fields, all for this moment to occur.

We here at Quality Logo Products® always swing for the fences and show our support for small businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneurs. Whether it’s by offering personable customer service or even free resources for businesses to enjoy, we always have it on the brain to give back to the community. This is why we relaunched Give Your Brand a Hand this past May. Each month, we choose a deserving business to receive $500 in marketing materials. The Bolingbrook Tee-Ball Association received custom mood water bottles they are handing out to all players at the beginning of the season. One less water bottle to purchase means more money for the board to spend on advertising and keeping kids on the field. And that means we’ll see even more incredible plays at home!

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