Brand Identity Seekers: Go Nuts with’s Fantastic Branding!

These days, it’s all about your brand. With so much competition it’s important that you establish your organization with very specific qualities so that you don’t blend in with the rest of the companies out there.

You can’t just be a brand that sells shoes, you have to be Nike.

You can’t just be a restaurant that sells inexpensive and fast food, you have to be McDonald’s.

You can’t just be a wholesale food seller, you have to be

The name might not have as much business clout as Nike or McDonald’s, but they are certainly a company that has their branding done right. From their written content to their social media profiles, you can tell that they are a company that knows exactly who they are. And they also have the customers and fans to prove it.

Full disclosure: Quality Logo Products recently ordered from, but the idea to write about their branding presence was all mine.

Here are four things that really define the brand.

Consistent fonts and images

When it comes to recognizing the brand, first and foremost is the consistent use of a specialized font and simple animated nut characters. No matter how you connect with online, they have these two elements incorporated into their visuals.

On their homepage:

nuts dot come homepage

On their Facebook page:

nuts dot com facebook

And on their Twitter account:

nuts dot com twitter

But it doesn’t stop at their online presence. You can find these cute nut mascots and their fun font on their packaging as well!

Like this one:


Normally you can see the trail mix through the animated nuts…but our office devoured the contents of this bag before I could take a picture.

They also have this one:


And just in case that wasn’t enough of you, check out how cool their boxes are:


This is seriously extensive branding. Making sure that all facets of your online and offline products are harmonious (but not necessarily identical) takes a lot of time and planning, you and your customers will be treated with a lasting experience.’s branding was created by the brilliant design firm Pentagon. But if you don’t have money to hire a design or branding agency, you can glean a couple of tips from observed this stellar branding.


If you read any of the text on the packaging, you can see that has a humorous and fun tone to their copy and they use nut puns like they’re going out of style. And it’s awesome.

Some of the excerpts from the bags and boxes above are:

  • This way to your taste buds!
  • Isn’t it nut-astic?
  • Wow! This is a jumbo bag!
  • Okay, let’s talk nuts.
  • Our family’s been going nuts since 1929!

more nuts dot com packaging

Their product descriptions are equally witty. Like this one from their Hot Pepper Veggie Chips:

hot pepper veggie chips

But really won me over when I read their shipping email for Quality Logo Products’ latest order. The copy included in the email was much more than a generic template and showed plenty of personality. And best of all, it was, well, a little nutty.

Hip hip hooray!  Hey there nutty Amanda!  According to the galactic delivery powers that be (aka UPS), your shipment has been delivered. Yippee!  We certainly hope it deliciously smashes your expectations with enough force to crack a macadamia nut in the shell!!!

Uncle Sandy, Cousin David, Dad, and I would love to hear from you, so what are you waiting for?

Again, thank you, and remember:

Enjoy, have a great day, and smile away!

~Jeffrey and the Family

Straight forward, upfront, and transparent is fully aware that their satisfied customers are by far their most important brand ambassadors. And this is why customer testimonials are displayed on the homepage and just about every single product page. And they aren’t buried at the bottom of a page; they’re right near the top so you can immediately know what other people think.

They also make sure that dietary concerns (Gluten-free, Kosher, organic, etc.) are addressed right away.


They also answer every single one of their customers who reach out to them via social media. Whether the customers have a question, a concern, or just a compliment, every single message is addressed and then left public for others to read. has an extensive about us page with the background story of their company, their mission statement, and their environmentally friendly initiatives.

Focus on helping and promoting customers

As previously mentioned, the social team goes out of their way to respond to all of their fans on Facebook and Twitter. No matter what question is asked, they make sure to come up with an answer!

nuts dot come facebook questions

They also have engagement down to a fine science. Not only do plenty of customers post pictures of their purchases to the Facebook page, but the social team will eventually place the picture in one of their photo albums.

Best of all, if a business or organization shares a picture, will tag the organization when they republish the picture. Check out this picture where they tagged Le Pop Shop:

nuts dot com fan engagement

So not only are their customers delighted to share their purchases and creations, but gives them some social recognition. Since none of these organizations are in direct competition with them, it’s a great way for them to build their brand loyalty a little more.

Quick note: Unlike many online-only companies, offers in-person pick-up. So if you’re going to be around the north part of New Jersey, all you have to do is order by phone and go pick it up. That’s a great option for local customers who want to save on shipping costs.

Now that you’ve reached the bottom, here are some quick takeaways from the brand:

  • Keep your visuals consistent. One or two fonts along with a simple color palette can do more for your branding than the cutest mascot in the world. Then again, a cute mascot doesn’t hurt either.
  • Develop a brand voice. has opted for a humorous, light-hearted brand voice that reflects their nutty family-owned business. Your responses don’t have to be humorous, they can be serious or polite, but it never hurts to make ‘em laugh!
  • Be transparent. You don’t need to reveal everything about your company, but do be honest with your customers. We live in a society where almost anything can be found through a Google search, so you might as well control the information! And transparent companies are reaping the benefits.
  • Acknowledge/promote your customers. People appreciate appreciation. If you have the resources, be sure to assign time or staff to answer questions and thank fans for compliments. Interacting with and possibly promoting your fans are fantastic ways to build brand loyalty.

Have you ever ordered from Are you a loyal customer? Anything else you admire about their branding?

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  1. Wash

    That’s a lot of nuts!

  2. Amanda

    Great post Mandy! I would absolutely order from again and recommend them to friends. Their website was easy to use, the products was fantastic, and their packaging/style got me hooked! is the best source for nuts and such I’ve found!

    Go nuts!!!

    • Mandy Kilinskis

      Yay! is definitely awesome. I’m probably going to place a personal order soon. I just love those adorable animated nuts and the customer reviews have me confident that it will be a good product! 🙂

  3. Russell Dower

    Great post & I Just luuuv the website. Is such a quirky & nutty themed business & website, how could anyone not love it ? Just goes to show – you don’t need a phD – you just need a great idea, and a passion. just oozes passion. Love it!

    • Mandy Kilinskis

      Thanks, Russell! As soon as I saw their awesome packaging I knew that I had to write about them. And you’re absolutely right – they ooze passion! You can’t go to any of their webpages without knowing how much they love their business and their customers. Thanks for stopping by to comment!

  4. Julie

    Thier employees must have had a blast designing thier packaging! 😀

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