Chances are that by now you know who Jennifer Lawrence is. In fact, it’s probably hard for you to not know who Jennifer Lawrence is. She’s Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games movie franchise, Mystique in the X-men sorta-reboot, and she just won the Oscar for Best Actress.

But she’s not crazy-famous just because of her on-screen roles. Jennifer Lawrence is also famous because she has a killer personal brand: she’s funny, she’s relatable, everyone wants to be her best friend, and her never-ending facial expressions and off-kilter comments make wonderful gif fodder.


So how can you steal some of that likability for your own brand? Let’s touch on some of the key traits that make JLaw just so darn irresistible.


It would be a lot easier to dislike Jennifer Lawrence if she was only a pretty face. But the girl is undeniably talented. She is believable in her characters and able to juggle roles with vastly different personalities. At 22 she’s already been nominated twice for Academy awards in the Best Actress category. She’s also won a ton of awards.

If you are the best at what you do, people are going to be impressed. Think of Apple. They have raving fans because they produce some of the best tech products in the world. When you dazzle your customers with amazing service, create dynamic products, or produce mind-blowing content, it will only be a matter of time before you’re loved.

Breath of fresh air

If you’re tired of Hollywood’s never-ending rotating door of scandals, break-ups, and addictions, then you probably like Jennifer Lawrence. She still comes with dating gossip, but she’ll say things like “Does a bear shit in the woods?” during red carpet interviews. Where other actors may try to paint themselves as flawless, JLaw doesn’t censor herself just to please the press.

In a marketplace flooded with hundreds, if not thousands, of similar companies, you have to stand out. You have to offer your potential clients something that they just cannot get with any other company out there. Dress up your email marketing, landing pages, and product descriptions with engaging copy. Cut through the clutter with a product that solves your customers’ problems, and do it in a way that makes it easy for them.

Self-aware and confident

My favorite quality about Jennifer Lawrence is that she’s very self-aware of her position as an actress and a role model. She’s said that it makes her uncomfortable when actors get on their high horses. JLaw also deflects questions and concerns about her weight. She knew that the character of Katniss Everdeen would serve as a role model to tons of young girls, so she wanted to keep the character at a healthy (and not super-thin) size.

Likewise, you should be realistic about the strengths and weaknesses of your business. Don’t be afraid to publicize how many conversions your software will bring your customers or proudly display your customer testimonials. But also know when you admit that your product might not be right for a potential client.

Acts like a real human

Despite her fame, Jennifer Lawrence seems like a woman that you could walk right up to and start a conversation with. She doesn’t make it a secret that she loves eating, reality TV, and movies from the 1990s. People can relate to those things better than an actor’s journey with Moliere while following the Stanislavski method of acting.

Unlike most actress who shy away from talking about food, she told Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet how she was starving.

Your customers want to do business with people, not a faceless web entity. Social media accounts, inviting copy, and blog posts that speak to them and answer their questions. If you’re seen as approachable,  knowledgeable, and helpful, potential clients will feel like they are doing business with an old friend, and not someone they stumbled upon from a Google search.

Some people think that Jennifer Lawrence’s quirky and awesome persona is all an act. I like to think that it’s all 100% genuine. But even if it is an act, it’s working. And by breaking down the JLaw model for your own company, you’ll be well on your way to high likability.

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