If you’ve ever planned a marketing campaign, you know how many pieces there are to the puzzle. Not only do you want to get your messaging straight, but you want to spread the word in an affordable way. Naturally, you turn to promotional products since they’re the most economical option out there! But what if you just don’t have enough hours in the day to package everything in a presentable way? Enter this week’s Trend Alert: Branding in a Box!

These pre-packaged kits are designed to save you both time and money. Next time you hire a new employee or have a last-minute event, your entire team will appreciate having these bundles packaged and ready to go!

Trade Show Survival Kit

Trade Show Survival Kit

When you step foot in a trade show, you know exactly what you’ll be greeted with: a name tag, freebies, and enough germs to make you wish you remembered your hand sanitizer. All of the other booths will be handing out free swag that leaves much to be desired, but you’ve come prepared with a pre-packaged kit that will get attendees through the day. With your thoughtful giveaway, they’ll not only knock out the germs they picked up along the way to your booth, but they’ll also have a place to jot down all of their notes and store the rest of the freebies. Look at you, trade show superman (or woman)!

Each Trade Show Survival Kit includes:

Outdoor Event Kit

Outdoor Event Promo Kit

Soaking up the sun during an outdoor event? This promo kit was made for you! Equipped with all the outdoor essentials you could ever need, your event attendees will compete to get their hands on this promotional giveaway. With everything packaged in a clear drawstring backpack, they’ll even have some extra room for their wallet or phone.

This branded bundle includes:

Golf Outing Kit

Golf Outing Promo Kit

One of the best parts of the summertime is being able to kick back, relax, and enjoy a nice round of golf. For businessmen and women across the country, these occasions also serve as networking opportunities to learn more about the local community. Talk about the perfect event for your brand! If you’re sponsoring an upcoming round of golf, be sure to stock up on custom kits that are a hole-in-one for your marketing.

The Golf Outing Kit includes:

These brand new additions to Quality Logo Products® were created with you in mind. When you’re going from meeting to meeting while juggling different projects, the last think you want is to put together giveaway bags. We know how busy you are, which is why we’re proud to offer 14 different kits! From fundraising bundles to travel packs, you’re sure to achieve ultimate branding goals with any of the custom kits from Quality Logo Products®!

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