Move over Hawkeye… there’s a new archery ace in town and his name is Brandyn Stoneberg. Brandyn is putting his arrows and blade aside for now, so he can realize his true calling…Sales Rep at Quality Logo Products®. We couldn’t be more excited to have him on the team!

Meet Brandyn – an adventurous go-getter with a love for action movies, Nintendo, and a really good skillet. He’s got management experience, a background in marketing, and most importantly, an adorable black lab named Traxx.

Let’s get to know more about Brandyn!

Name: Brandyn Stoneberg

Position at Quality Logo Products®: Sales Representative

Educational/Professional Background:

I have a Bachelor’s in Marketing from Aurora University, and I also managed an archery shop before joining Quality Logo Products.

What are your top 3 favorite movies of all time?

1. I,Robot   2. The Pirates of the Caribbean   3. Lone Survivor

If you had to be Mario or Luigi, who would you choose and why?

Mario. I’m the oldest of 4 kids so I was always player 1 on Nintendo, so I always played as Mario.

Would you rather go skydiving or scuba diving?

Scuba diving. I have already been sky diving and would want to try something different.

What’s the best breakfast food in your opinion?

Definitely a skillet, but only with cheese, bacon, and mushrooms

Are you a Coke or Pepsi guy? Some other drink?

Is Pepsi ok??? Uhhhhh no.

Where’s the best place you’ve ever been on vacation? Where do you want to go next?

South Africa on a safari

Which band/singer do you really want to see in concert?

Rascal Flatts

Do you have any pets?

Yes, a black lab named Traxx.

Rascal Flatts has a famous song titled,  “I Like the Sound of That.” And that’s exactly what you’ll be saying after speaking with Brandyn about your order.

He’ll tell you exactly what to expect when working with us. No frills, no surprises. Just a quick, easy order from start to finish. We all like the sound of that!

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