A New Look for QLP’s Mascot: Meet the New Bubba!

A few months ago we shared the news about our mascot Bubba and his snazzy new look on our Facebook page with some pictures, which you can check out here. If you noticed not much was said after the pictures were posted, you weren’t alone. We were still waiting for the rest of his squishy friends to arrive from the factory and now the QLP offices have boxes and boxes full of these new Bubbas!



What’s new about our favorite little mischievous mascot? Well, just like Paolo Nutini’s song ‘New Shoes’ sings, Bubba put some new shoes on and suddenly everything is right! He’s now rocking some spiffy blue shoes that will give him more traction while he’s sprinting around the office (oh boy). He’ll also be quicker at tracking down new promotional products that we’ll share on the Quality Logo Products’ website as well as the best prices around.

He’s no longer sporting a red shirt because he heard about the “redshirt” theory and doesn’t want to take any chances with his reign here at QLP. He wanted to update his wardrobe and once he tried on the white shirt there was no need to look any further. You’ll also notice the, “Hello, my name is Bubba” nametag is gone and now QLP’s logo is shown proudly there instead. One last new feature we truly love about the new Bubba is that our phone number and web address are now on him, so there’s no need to worry if you forget.

We didn’t want to change everything, we wanted his smiling face and cute head to remain the same to hopefully bring a smile to your face when you see him on your desk or on your refrigerator (that’s where my Bubba sits at my house).


Quality Logo Products has done a lot of updating in the past few weeks (have you seen our new website redesign yet?) and now Bubba matches our new look. He’s enjoying everything that he used to enjoy; snacking, playing pool, and more snacking, just now with a snazzier new look! We hope you love him as much as we do – let us know in the comments what you think!

Want a new Bubba to keep you company at work? Or maybe you want a kitchen or living room watcher of your very own? Drop us a comment at the end of the blog and we’ll do a raffle for some lucky fans to receive a Bubba of their very own!

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Amy Hoidas

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  1. Rondell Caraos

    Love the new look Bubba! You can’t ever go wrong Rockin’ Chucks!

  2. jay

    Nice kicks, Bubs.

  3. Bret Bonnet

    I sure do love Bubba’s new V-Neck. He’s so stylin – he belongs on the cover of GQ!

  4. David

    Are those Air Bubba’s?

  5. Kat D.

    This is awesome…Bubba looks GREAT! Next stop? PANTS! 🙂 But, at least we know he can now legally walk into any local establishment….he had the shirt, now he has the shoes!

  6. Erik

    Nice update to the wardrobe, Bubba! The sneakers really stand out and the shirt is perfect. Anyone would be lucky to have one of your mascots hanging around keeping them company all day. They can enjoy snacks together and talk about all the great items that QLP has to offer. Maybe you can get some pants when the weather gets cold…

  7. Kelly Bird

    Love the new look Bubba! 🙂

  8. alan

    I guess putting on shoes was more important than putting on some pants, eh?

  9. Julie Foster

    I love that Bubba’s chubby body and round, bald head are still just as cute as before 🙂
    He’s still not tall enough to reach the Twix or M&Ms in the vending machine though XD

  10. Anthony

    Oh yeah, Bubba is looking spiffy!! He almost looks just as handsome as me. 😉 I want a little Bubba on my desk as soon as I can!

  11. Jonathan

    Bubba is the choice of a new generation!
    I am glad Bubba is staying away from the thong sandals I have been seeing dudes wearing lately … those are for the beach or pool. Way to keep fashion moving forward Bubba. I think next summer a tank top would be in order; after all, “sun’s out, guns out” is the look for the summertime over here at the office. See Chuck Sullivan for proof.

  12. Jaimie Smith


    He is definitely rocking! I hope he keeps a close eye on them so Jay doesn’t try taking them!

    I want a fresh new Bubba right now!!! 🙂

  13. Doc

    Bubba is definitely looking sharp these days but I have to agree with everyone who is hoping he finds some pants soon.

  14. Bubba

    Guys, I’m just letting you know now – I AM NEVER WEARING PANTS. They are too limiting!

    I can wear pants when I’m dead! 🙂

  15. Greg

    Hey Bubba, nice duds, and the new kicks look really fast!!

  16. Donovon Phillips

    Bubba, with the new looks, we need to go get some shrimp!

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