Leading by Example: Business and Marketing Tips from 12 Top-Notch Interviews

We talk a lot about how best to market your brand on this blog, and often the greatest advice comes straight from the people with firsthand experience. QLP has been lucky enough to interview a lot of fascinating and successful people over time, and we’ve gleaned a ton of useful tips from them. In case you missed any, here are some of best interviews we have conducted at QLP:

Do What You Love in Abundance: How Kylee Lane's Home Based Business Went from Kitchen Counter to Cash CowDo What You Love in Abundance: How Kylee Lane’s Home-Based Business Went from Kitchen Counter to Cash Cow. Kylee Lane started her Luxury Lane Soap company because she saw a need inspired by her son and fulfilled it. How did her business grow? And how has her family life changed in response? Lane offers excellent advice and valuable insight in this interview, which continues in Part Two.

Interview With Free Comic Book Day Founder, Joe FieldsInterview With ‘Free Comic Book Day’ Founder, Joe Fields | Why Freebies Work.  Handing out freebies (such as promotional products) is a common marketing strategy in many companies, because it attracts new customers and makes old ones happy. In this interview, “Free Comic Book Day” founder Joe Fields talks about how he came up with the idea and why giving out free stuff works.

Picking a Perfect Promo Advice from a Printed Product ProfessionalPicking a Perfect Promo: Advice from a Printed Product Professional. If you do plan to give away promotional products to your customers, which ones should you choose? Debbie Mahler of BigMachines, a longtime customer of Quality Logo Products, provides examples of items she has handed out at various events and explains which promos had the most impact.

Fine-Tuned Corporate Social Media: Interview with Pandora Radio's Community Manager, AaronFine-Tuned Corporate Social Media: Interview with Pandora Radio’s Community Manager, Aaron. More and more, companies are feeling the pressure to handle customer service through platforms like Twitter and Facebook. In this interview, the community manager of online radio site Pandora discusses how he interacts with customers via social media and addresses their comments and concerns.

Why It Pays to Take Risks in Startup Marketing: Interview with Leo Widrich of Buffer. If you want to start your own business, you’re going to have to take a lot of risks. But which risks are worth it? Leo Widrich, cofounder of the social media scheduling service Buffer, talks about the decisions he made and setbacks he endured on the way to establishing a flourishing company in less than a year.

How One ‘Community’ Rallied for the Brand They Love: Interview with Catherine Boyd of Save Community. You don’t have to be a business owner to have good business sense; often your fans are just as amazing at marketing your brand as you are. Catherine Boyd of the movement to save NBC’s Community from cancellation details the lengths she has gone to help rescue a television show she loves. Do you have customers this passionate about your product?

Fan Sites Are Free Promotion: An Interview with The Hob, a Hunger Games Fan Site. Fan sites are another way customers show their dedication to a brand. Fans who maintain these websites invest their own time, money, and energy into creating communities that spawn more and more brand advocates—usually with zero participation from the company itself. Why do fans do this? Check out this interview with the creators of Hunger Games fan site The Hob to find out. While you’re at it, don’t miss our other great interviews with the fan site creators of Down With the Capitol (Hunger Games), Chuckgasmic (Chuck), and (Justin Bieber).

How to Successfully Self-Market Your Band or Business: Interview with Nickolas Blazina from ‘State and Madison’. For a local band, brand awareness is especially essential for success. But it takes a lot of networking, marketing, and creativity to make your brand known. Nickolas Blazina of Chicago band State and Madison shares some of the ways he has promoted his band and explains what works and what doesn’t.

How to Successfully Self-Market Your Band or Business: Interview with Phil Kosch from ‘The Super Happy Fun Club’. For another perspective on promoting local bands, check out this interview with Phil Kosch of Chicago’s Super Happy Fun Club. In it, he emphasizes the importance of word-of-mouth marketing and just plain hard work in building any kind of business.

These are just some of the many interviews QLP has done; be sure to browse the Interviews category for more. And if you’re thinking about conducting interviews of your own, check out these tips and tricks for getting the best out of your interviews. Happy reading!

Which of these is your favorite interview? Are there any others you think should have made the list? What insights did you glean from any of these interviews?

Rachel Hamsmith

When not writing for the blog, Rachel is a data entry specialist at QLP. She spends most of her free time consuming a variety of geeky TV shows, movies, and books, as well as funny cat videos and other Internet oddities. Otherwise, she moonlights as an editor for a literary magazine and tries to spend as much quality time as she can with friends and family. You can also connect with Rachel on Google+.


  1. Jaimie Smith

    I’m glad you made this post, Rachel! The only interview I think I have seen was the one with Leo Widrich. This is giving me the chance to go back and be able to read them all. I just read the one on Luxury Lane Soap, that was super cool! I am jealous of those that get to take their cool ideas and turn them into something huge. I would love to, I just do not have many big ideas!!

    • Rachel

      Glad you liked the post! We’ve done so many great interviews — the one with Luxury Lane Soap is definitely a standout. Thanks, Jaimie! 🙂

  2. Mandy Kilinskis

    Each and every entrepreneur should read the interviews with Kylee Lane. She is not only brimming with advice and experience, but she seems to be one of the nicest people ever. I love that even with her success, she still knows that family and passion come first.

    Great round up, Rachel!

    • Rachel

      It’s such a great interview! And you’re right, she seems like a really nice person in addition to a successful one. 🙂 We can all learn a lot from her!

  3. Jeff Porretto

    Thanks Rachel! I knew we had a few, but I had no idea we’ve been so…. prolific! We’re regular dang ol’ interviewing maniacs!

    And I agree with Mandy, I really enjoyed the Lane one…

    • Rachel

      Interviewing maniacs for sure! There were several I had not seen before, so it was fun to read up on the gems I had missed out on the first time around. Thanks for reading, Jeff 🙂

  4. Jill Tooley

    Another solid compilation, Rachel! I’m so very proud of this blog and all that we’ve accomplished over the years. You picked some excellent interviews, all full of inspiration for any business or marketing enthusiast!

    Thanks for featuring my Pandora/Aaron interview, too 🙂

    • Rachel

      Glad you liked the compilation! We definitely have a blog we can be proud of.

      And thank YOU for conducting such an awesome interview with Pandora! 🙂

  5. Catherine White

    This is a great compilation of posts. Thank you for providing this content.
    I have heard of many of these people and product and you have made it easy for me to learn more.
    I thrive on learning marketing tricks from a variety of sources.

    • Rachel

      I’m happy to hear you liked it, Catherine! There’s definitely a lot of marketing and business tips you can learn from these interviews. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  6. Amy Swanson

    My favorite one is with Phil Kosch from ‘Super Happy Fun Club’. I love that he’s so down to Earth and offers great advice. And okay, his music is pretty awesome as well 😉 Thanks so much for finding all of these and putting them in one easy to find spot!

  7. Jen

    My favorite interview is with the Chicago local band State and Madison. The band seems really down to earth and fun. They also have great marketing advice for people looking to promote themselves in a new and interesting way. I love how they suggested dressing up as a hot dog to pass out fliers in a crowd to get attention.

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