How to Get Your Business Prepared for Summer Holiday Promotions

In case you hadn’t noticed, the summer holidays are approaching, which means that it’s high time you get your business prepared for themed promotions! Whether you’re looking to promote your business during the coming months or you’re simply organizing the party or get-together of a lifetime on behalf of a specific organization or group, you’ll need to be prepared. It’s time to start thinking about gift ideas that will coincide with some of the major events on our way. So, what are we waiting for?! Let’s get those promotional wheels turnin’!

Grill Master Barbecue Kit

Few people would argue that the weeks leading up to Memorial Day renew the interest in an all-time favorite pastime: grilling. If you enjoy cooking good food, then you already know that there’s nothing quite like the feeling of breaking in that new grill you just got for Christmas. Heck, even if your grill is a decade old, nothing beats the taste of flame-broiled goodness that’s ready-to-eat. Veggies, steaks, burgers—you name it; it’s just better on the grill. So, why not make it a point to offer something practical at your next fundraiser or charitable event? A Grill Master Barbecue Kit or, even better, a BBQ Set with Apron would do quite nicely. Slap your company name and logo on the sets and get in on the home-style spirit!

Fireworks Hand Fan

Of course, the big summer events don’t end there—not by a long shot. The main date of national pride is headed your way next, and you probably already know what I’m talking about. July 4th, Independence Day, ID4—call it what you will, if you’re a red, white, and blue-blooded American, you know it’s the celebration to end all celebrations, and you’d better be ready for it! Get those Flag Stress Relievers, U.S.A. Pinwheels, and Firework Hand Fans ready, because if you want your company or small business to be a memorable part of the festivities, then you’re going to have to contribute.

Hanes Ultimate Cotton Hooded Sweatshirt

Now, don’t forget: hot on the heels of a patriotic summertime is our trustworthy friend, the first Monday of September, and we all know what that means. Labor Day! Write this one down, because it’s one that most folks tend to care a great deal about. It’s a day away from the workplace, after all. And those who work hard tend to play hard—or at least relax hard. With that in mind, be prepared to help your employees relax, ideally with some comfy (and sporty) custom apparel. Since the cooler months will be just around the corner by Labor Day, consider the Hanes Ultimate Cotton Sweatshirt or Hooded Sweatshirt as giveaways. All you have to do is add your custom logo to ensure that it’s your brand on everyone’s mind until next summer!

It’s gearing up to be a hot season for well-placed advertising, so don’t be the only business to miss out on the promotional opportunities. And don’t worry, no matter which day of the year you’re looking to kick off your next marketing campaign, Quality Logo Products will have plenty of advice to offer!

What are your thoughts? Are there any other summer holiday items that you think would make ideal giveaways this season? Let us know in the comments below!

Joseph Giorgi

Joseph is the head of the Media Team at Quality Logo Products. He's a video specialist, blogger, perfectionist, and all-around likeable guy. When he's not busy focusing on the nitty-gritty details of his written and visual work, he's normally listening to bad 80s music and scouring the internet for useless information on useless subjects. You can also connect with Joe on Google+.


  1. Jana Quinn

    Nice product line-up, Joe. Now if only we could get the sun on the same page…

    I recently ran across a really unique summer promotional product that I think cold be a huge hit in the next few months: the Ultraviolet Meter Tag.

    This little meter tag looks like a dog tag, and it measures how much UV light is hitting you. It even gives tips for how to protect yourself based on how intense the UV rays are (sun, sunscreen, hat, shade). I’ve never seen one of these before out in the “wild,” so it’ll be interesting to see if they catch on this summer.

    • Mandy Kilinskis

      I could absolutely use an Ultraviolet Meter Tag! That sounds like the handiest thing a fair-skinned, easily-burned person like me could use!

    • Joseph Giorgi

      Those UV tags seem like they could be very beneficial in the summer, especially to anyone who spends their days outdoors. It never hurts to have an extra safety measure on hand. Thanks for pointing this one out. 🙂

  2. JPorretto

    Now if only the Schizophrenic Mother Nature will play nice. Every time I think the warm weather is here to stay, she’ll just hit us with a cold snap. And my crappy grill only works when it’s warm, so the BBQ set and Hoodie are not two items I’d ever get to use together…

    • Joseph Giorgi

      “Schizophrenic” is a good way to put it. “Bipolar” would work too.

      Sorry to hear about your grill troubles. But that just means it’s time to break out the George Foreman! 😉

      • JPorretto

        You nailed it. I have a high end foreman like grill thing that cooks a piece of chicken in about 3 minutes and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. I’ll actually use that over the grill at this point for white meats. Can’t underestimate convenience!

        • Joseph Giorgi

          Wait, wait, wait.

          You have a Foreman-like grill that you can clean in the dishwasher? Where did you get it? How much was it? I’ve always loved the Foreman grill but HATE the fact that it’s so tough to clean. What you’re describing sounds perfect. I want one, like, now!

  3. Jill Tooley

    Nice picks, Joe! Summer promotions are HUGE for every industry, so thanks for suggesting some bestsellers. Here are a few more attention-grabbers:

    Personalized sunblock
    Sun visors
    Koozie party cooler
    Beach balls
    Beach towels
    Customizable water guns

    As long as you target your giveaways to each specific audience, you’ll reap the rewards of high temperatures and extra sunny days! 🙂

    • Joseph Giorgi

      Thanks! 🙂 Yeah, I’d imagine that beach-themed items are probably a good bet this season! And that Koozie Party Cooler definitely looks like the ideal party companion. Very nice!

  4. ASneed

    Yay for summertime! I love the long, sunny days! =)

    Great blog Joe. Way to point out all of these summer time goodies!

  5. Amy

    I think any of our sunscreen or lip balms would be great with the sunnier months coming up… those are coming eventually, right?! Especially, with company picnics 🙂

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