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Sometimes, people overlook promotional calendars and day planners as effective marketing tools. BIG MISTAKE! Calendars and planners are versatile promotional products that not only reinforce your brand but also allow you to express yourself. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look a few of the benefits.

Custom Calendars = Meaningful Gifts

How do you think a client would react if you walked up and handed him or her a flyer printed with your company information? Do you think they’d be annoyed? Thankful? Well, I can tell you how I’d react – I’d be confused. What am I supposed to do with a flyer from a business associate – tack it to my wall? Flyers are okay for sticking underneath windshield wipers (although they are wasteful) but they’re not effective branding tools if you’re considering existing customers.

Now, how do you think that same client would react if you walked up and handed him or her a colorful calendar or a useful day planner printed with your company information? Company calendars serve more of a purpose than flyers and are considered gifts rather than blatant advertisements, so it’s more likely that your clients will keep them around long-term. I know I’d be pleased to get a promotional calendar or a pocket organizer from a client! I’d hang it in my office or keep it in my purse (especially if it’s a particularly appealing design) and probably refer to it whenever I needed to make an appointment or to find out what day it is (which, face it, happens to me almost every day).

That brings me to my next point: brand-building.

Custom Calendars Build Your Brand, Both Internally and Externally

When your company’s calendar is staring clients in the face day after day, they’re bound to notice your logo and your slogan. How is that helpful? Well, let’s say that I had never heard of your company prior to receiving your promotional calendar and I chose to display it in my office or in my home. After I’ve glanced at the calendar every single day for a few weeks, I’m probably going to remember what your logo looks like (and what your slogan is) even if the customized calendar or weekly planner isn’t in front of me…and the next time I hear someone say your company name or ask about the services your company provides, I’ll be able to rattle off your name! Not to mention, if I end up needing the services you offer then I’ll be sure to remember you and to trust you because you were generous enough to give me a beautiful calendar (perhaps the Motivations Appointment Calendar pictured at the tippy top of this blog post).

Think of custom calendars as a personal recommendation. If a customer has your company calendar displayed in his or her office, that means your brand is being endorsed by that person. So, anyone who walks into your customer’s office can clearly see that he or she has an established relationship with your company! (And trust me, that means something!)

Brand-building works for internal customers as well. Employees and/or co-workers may already recognize their company’s logo and slogan, but they may not know the corporate address or have important extensions memorized! It’s beneficial to reinforce your brand to co-workers or employees as well – after all, they are representing that brand every day by working for the company. Plus, calendars are excellent ways to communicate important company dates or events. If each one of your employees has a company calendar or a day planner on their desks, then they’ll have no excuse to miss that big meeting you told them about a few weeks back!

Custom Calendars are Cost-Effective

Calendars and pocket planners are much more affordable than newspaper, radio, or television advertising – and they last longer. What if people flip past your ad in the local newspaper? And sure, a TV ad is interactive and engaging, but what happens if people push the mute button or get up to go to the bathroom and your message doesn’t reach its full potential? The difference between other advertisements and custom printed calendars is that people actually want to see them every day – otherwise they wouldn’t hang them on the walls or put them in their purses/pockets. Calendars may not be as exciting as commercials, but they are proven effective time and time again…and you just can’t beat the price!

So, instead of pumping all of those precious marketing dollars into less effective (and more expensive) advertising methods, consider purchasing promotional calendars and/or custom day planners for your advertising campaigns. Click over to the Quality Logo Products® website to see all of the personalized calendars and logo planners you can choose from, and please contact us if you need help selecting one! You can reach Quality Logo Products® by calling (866) 312-5646, by emailing info@qualitylogoproducts.com, by responding to our Twitter or Facebook accounts, or by replying to this blog post!

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