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Can Promotional Products Boost Sports Attendance?

I’m back to bring my self-proclaimed expertise about the sports industry and how it relates to our wonderful promotional industry. After my popular post a while back (sarcasm), I thought it would be good for my own safety to lay off the Bears/Packers rivalry. So, the focus of today’s post is how sports teams are using promotions and promotional products to survive. Yes, I said SURVIVE! The promo industry is a key to the survival of many different multi-million-dollar sports organizations in the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, and in Major League Baseball. How the hell can this be the case? I’ll lay it out pretty simply for you.

Sports Pennant
Would you be more likely to attend a game if you got a free sports pennant of your favorite team?

Our economy still sucks! Let’s admit it, no matter how much people try to bullshit us, things are still pretty bad. It’s going to be some time before we actually see all the improvements we want to see. What’s an industry that takes a MAJOR hit from this? The sports industry. This is because many will cut costs by foregoing sporting events—not buying tickets is an easy way to save money because it really isn’t a NEED for anyone no matter how much they argue it is. In general, the casual sports fan that needs to save money will cut costs from sporting events. Think about it: if you enjoy going to football games but your family is struggling to eat every night, then you’re not going to be able to pay for tickets to go to games. More and more people are just staying home to watch games instead of buying tickets. As a result, sports organizations are having trouble getting people to fill the seats for games, which means a MASSIVE loss of money.

What are sports organizations turning to in order to encourage people to plant their butts in the seats? This is where WE (QLP and the promotional product industry) come in! Sports industries have begun handing out promotional products and organizing crazy promotions to get people to come to the games. It’s becoming a pretty common practice to get a freebie with your favorite team’s logo on it (or sometimes co-branded with a local company’s logo) when you walk into a game. You almost can’t go to any type of professional game without being handed some sort of promotional product. For example, last winter I went to a basketball game and received a promotional calendar with not only the sports team logo on it and but also the logos of several local companies. Handing out free stuff is a way to bring people into a stadium or arena, to promote local businesses in addition to the teams, and to help sports teams to stay afloat in a horrible economy. People rarely turn down something if it’s free!

It feels good to be part of an industry that supports struggling organizations or businesses! But this point isn’t just limited to the sports industry; I just chose this topic because it is my area of expertise. People love free gifts no matter what, and it’s important to remember that in a lot of cases promotional products have become a savior for many companies and their brands. In a plagued economy, everything seems better when it’s free, even it’s something like a sports-themed pen. You would be surprised how many more people will head to a Cubs game when there is a promotion with free can cozies or mugs! SO KEEP PROMOTING YOUR BRAND AND KEEP HANDING OUT THE FREE STUFF!

Have you ever gone to a sporting event because they were giving away an awesome gift that night? What types of sports-related promo items have you received?

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