You don’t need to bring plastic grocery bags back to the exact store where you received them. Search your zip code in this store drop-off locator to find a location near you!

Did you know?

Other plastic bags like newspaper bags or Ziploc bags shouldn’t be put in your recycle bin. Check your store drop-off centers to see if they accept these types of plastic!



If they’re not melted down into new bags, most recycled plastic bags eventually become outdoor decks! The bags are broken down and eventually turned into composite lumber. This type of wood is perfect for outdoor projects like decks because the wood is resistant to moisture.

Park benches

Park Benches

You’ve probably never realized the park benches you sit on while fishing or tying your shoe once started out as plastic bags. Composite lumber is the best choice for outdoor furniture like this.

Picnic tables

Picnic Tables

Since picnic tables sit outside and get exposed to all kinds of weather, they’re usually made from composite lumber. No one wants a broken, rotten picnic table!



If you’re building a fence, it’s important to choose a type of wood that won’t easily deteriorate when it gets rained or snowed on. Composite lumber made from recycled plastic bags is a great choice because it’s moisture resistant.

It may seem like a lot of effort to bring your plastic bags to a recycle center, but it’s worth it! Simply tossing the bags into your trash causes pollution and has a huge impact on our landfills. Since 200,000 plastic bags are dumped in landfills every hour, it’s best to take the extra step to make sure your plastic bags are disposed of properly.

Did you know?

One of the first companies to convert plastic bags into composite lumber was MoistureShield. In 2019 alone, their facility transformed over 2.7 million pounds of plastic bags into usable material!

Protect your plants

Protect Your Plants

Is there a sudden snowstorm coming your way? Try placing a plastic grocery bag over the top of your outdoor potted plants. It will help protect their leaves and petals from the bitter frost so they can bloom in the summertime!

Use as packing material Source: www.lifehacker.com

Use as Packing Material

If you’re moving, try wrapping your fragile items in plastic grocery bags as an extra layer of protection. You’d be surprised how much this will help prevent your items from damage!

Line a paint tray Source: www.lansdownelife.com

Line a Paint Tray

Painting is messy! Make it easier on yourself by lining your paint tray with a plastic grocery bag. You can pour the paint right on top so you can stick your roller or brush in the paint without having to worry about cleanup.

Use for pet waste

Use for Pet Waste

Sick of spending money on pet waste bags? Try using plastic grocery bags instead! It will prevent you from having to go out and spend money on more plastic, and it will get the job done.

Stuff patio pillows

Stuff Patio Pillows

Patio furniture is great, but it can be annoying to dry everything out after it rains. Consider stuffing your patio pillows with plastic bags so they dry easier after a storm!

Car waste basket

Car Waste Basket

Cars fill up with trash quickly if you’re not careful. Try sticking a plastic grocery bag in your door compartments so people can put their gum wrappers or disposable cups in there. You can empty the bags when they get full!

Shoe protectors evanscycles.com

Shoe Protectors

Are you about to mow your lawn, but don’t want to ruin your white sneakers? Tie a plastic grocery bag around each foot. You’ll keep your shoes clean, and if the grass is wet, it will prevent your feet from getting wet as well!

The Bottom Line

When in doubt about plastic recycling, always consult your local waste manufacturing facility. They’ll be able to let you know which products they can recycle and which ones you should repurpose for other projects. The good news is there are plenty of solutions no matter which route you need to take!


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