Candy Crush and the Lessons I’ve Learned from my Addiction

First it was ‘Draw Something’ and then ‘Words with Friends’ and now my latest app addiction belongs to ‘Candy Crush’. I spend my lunch at work playing it, more weeknights than I want to admit, and I’ve even convinced my boyfriend to play it so that he could send me lives. In short, I’m in the midst of a full-blown addiction to this app.

Naturally that got my wheels turning and a blog began to form in my head. Despite the silly nature of the game (never heard of it?) there are lessons to be learned from it that easily mirror lessons in the workplace. Here are four lessons that I’ve found so far:

Patience Grasshopper, Patience


There’s nothing worse than moving along in a level and you think you’ve got it figured out when BAM! Three moves remaining and you’ve got four pieces of jelly left. What are your options?

  1. Throw your device against a wall
  2. Take a deep breath and finish out the game doing the best you can

The cheapest and most logical option to choose is the second one, right? Right. Just like with this game, you have to remember that eventually you’ll get that promotion or that huge project at work will end and you workload will get lighter again. Just take a deep breath and do the best you can, everything will eventually fall into place but in its due time.

Learn From Your Mistakes

learn from mistakes

Every level seems to have a strategy associated it; some you have to clear the jelly on the left side first, others you have to keep the fruit in the middle columns, and some levels you just hope and pray you get as many stripped candy as possible. Point is, after playing that specific level a few times you start to see what you need to do to overcome it.

Same theory applies at work. You’ve got a huge project that the boss wants done ASAP, but every way you’ve approached it has failed. Well, what’s making it fail? Is there another way you could approach it? Has there been any glimmer of success? Focus on that shining moment and see if you can expand on it. Don’t let your mistakes get you down, who hasn’t accidentally in the heat of the moment switched a blue to make a 3 combo to the right where if they had gone left, they’d get a chocolate donut/cookie/sprinkle thing. Don’t sweat it; just remember for the next time.

Plan Ahead

plan ahead

The fruit levels where you have to get the cherries and onions (I don’t know what those second things are, but Lord they’re annoying) removed from the board require some planning. It’s best to get combos that are vertical instead of horizontal since they will make the fruit drop quicker. However, getting those combos can be tough so it’s best to look ahead a few turns and start making a map of where to move and swap candies.

Make a plan of attack with your workload. If you know you get busy in the afternoons because that’s when other departments come to you with questions, try to get you “must do” assignments done first thing in the morning. Or if mid-afternoon is the quietest time in the office then save all your tedious tasks for that time when you can fully concentrate on the assignment at hand and not on Steve’s morning conference call.

Avoid Distractions

avoid distractions

Majority of people play Candy Crush on their smartphone or tablet so it’s easy to become distracted by what’s on TV or Linda’s conversation with Larry about that customer issue during lunch. You’ll have better results if you focus your attention on the game and not about your surroundings (sad to say, but the truth hurts sometimes).

This tip goes hand in hand with the third tip- a lot of your distractions can easily be avoided by planning ahead. If you know the afternoons are hectic in your workplace, don’t leave your projects that require a lot of concentration for this time. The more you get the distracted, the more mistakes that will be made and the longer it will take you to complete that project (or level).

Candy Crush is a fun and frustrating way to kill some time, but don’t think that the lessons you learn there can’t be applied to work or life. That would be like missing the opportunity to get a donut/cookie/sprinkle thing and going for a 3-candy combo!

Can you see any other lessons from the game that you can apply to work and life? Have you become addicted to this game? What level are you on? Shout off in the comments below!

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Amy Hoidas

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  1. Julie Mussared

    I think those “onions” are acorns. At least, that’s what they look like to me. (not sure if acorns have anything more in common with cherries than onions do though)

    Great blog post. 🙂
    I am sure to remember these lessons every time I find myself killing time crushing candy.

  2. Candy crush level 73

    Great post Amy i think im in todeep with candy crush i cant see a way out!! Does the game ever end? if so what level?.


  3. livesinhiscar

    they are hazlenuts

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