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I used to drive about an hour to and from work every day. That comes to approximately 10 hours a week, which adds up to 40 hours a month. That’s almost 2 whole days spent driving in my car! So, needless to say, I’ve gotten accustomed to noticing the potential for promotional items in my vehicle. And I’m not alone – millions of commuters go through the same experience every day.

Whether you spend more or less time in your car than I do, the following promotional products are must-haves for any commuting car owner:

Car Sun Shades

Car Sun Shade

Car Sun Shade

Getting into a car that’s been sitting outside in the sun on a hot summer day is what I imagine stepping into an oven would feel like. The Car Sun Shades will keep the sun out of your car while your car is sitting out in the parking lot on a scorching hot day. When you return to your car, you won’t feel the heat rush out of the door or have to worry about burning your hands on the steering wheel. Put your imprint on some reflective car shades and everyone passing through the parking lot will see your brand.

Highway Companion Safety Kit

Car Trash Container

Highway Companion Safety Kit

No one wants to think about getting into an accident or experiencing a car malfunction in the middle of a commute. However, cars break down when they feel like it, and there’s no way to predict when and where a disaster will strike. Be as prepared as possible with a handy product like the Highway Companion Safety Kit! These promo items come with 300-amp jumper cables, a “warning” triangle, a siphon, a mylar blanket, two bungee cords, two glow sticks, a pair of gloves, a flashlight, a 50-psi tire gauge, and a storage case with interior pockets to keep everything together. It’s a commuter’s dream, really!

Ultimate Sunglass Visor Clip

Sunglasses Visor Clip

Sunglasses Visor Clip

Ever find yourself frantically searching for your sunglasses in the car? Have you ever left the house on a cloudy day, no sunglasses in hand, just for the sun to come out as soon as you get on the road? The Ultimate Sunglass Visor Clip can ensure you always have a pair of sunglasses, in arm’s reach, clipped to your visor. You’ll be able to stop the sun from glaring in your eyes, and manage to keep your eyes on the road!

Trunk Caddy

Trunk Caddy

Trunk Caddy

If you were to look in my trunk, you’d see that I have a Slip ‘n Slide, a pair of Thundersticks, a bag of bathing suits, a glow in the dark football, a blanket, a pair of shoes, and a Halloween costume. They just fly around in the back of my trunk at every turn or abrupt halt. However, if I had a handy Trunk Caddy I wouldn’t have this problem! If you have as much random stuff floating in your trunk as I do (or if you’re tired of digging around for that runaway apple after grocery shopping), then this item is for you! The Trunk Caddy will keep your trunk organized, take up less space, and prevent items from flying around.

These are just a few of the car-related items that would make every day driving just a little more enjoyable. When you spend a significant amount of time in a vehicle, you tend to notice where there’s room for improvement. You also pay attention to other cars on the road. For example, have you ever noticed the sheer number of personalized license plate frames and bumper stickers on the highway? If you’re looking to earn drivers’ loyalty and draw attention to your name brand in the process, then you may want to consider automobile promotional products. They’ll get good mileage for your giveaways!

What’s your favorite car promotional item? What other products do you notice when you’re driving?


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  1. Tony Promo

    Good stuff, LK. Probably the best product-related blahg I’ve seen in a while! Car trash containers are a MUST!

  2. Amanda

    Nice post Lauren! You highlighted some great products! I like the trash container the best–super handy! I wish I had one. =)

    • LK

      I could definitely use a car trash container! I normally use the little slot things on the sides of the doors as my trash containers.. well until winter, when I’ll need to put my ice scraper back in there!

  3. JPorretto

    I want all of these things!! No joke. True story. It’s been hot as hell, I lost my old garbage container, my new car doesn’t have a sunglasses compartment, and golf balls are rolling around my trunk. That just about covers it…

    • Amanda

      hahaha wow– you could use these items Jeff. Your bdays a while off though….lol

      • Amanda

        I’ve often wondered why I don’t have more stuff in my car, lol. If you think about it, like LK highlighted here…a lot of us spend a lot of time in our cars! I should have more stuff in there, just in case, ya know? I do put a blanket in my truck in the winter months though. The only things I keep in there year round are cds, maps, and Aldi bags. The essentials, haha. =)

        • Amanda

          **trunk, not truck. Whoops! Although I could put blankets in my husband’s truck, lol.

  4. Kyle

    Car trash container… Where have you been my entire life?

  5. Jill Tooley

    Yikes, that’s a lot of hours spent in a confined space! I’m also glad that I don’t have a long commute any longer…that really wasn’t my cup of tea.

    When I bought my car, it came with an air freshener with the dealership’s logo on it – for some reason I thought that was SO cool! Another good car giveaway would be a car charger for phones or iPods. I like the solar-powered car charger the best out of the chargers we carry, but it’s a bit on the pricey side. Even a regular USB car charger would do the trick – I can’t even tell you how many times my phone has died on the way home, and it freaks me out.

    Great item suggestions!

  6. Joseph Giorgi

    Love the product suggestions, Lauren! A Car Trash Container would come in handy for sure. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure how I’ve gone this long without one.

  7. amy

    Great suggestions Lauren! I need the trash container pronto, I always have receipts blowing around until I crumple them up and throw them on the floor or in my purse.

    Since you got your a/c fixed though, I bet your car isn’t so toasty anymore 😉

    • LK

      Yes, luckily my car is no where near as toasty as it was with no a/c. The Car Sun Shade was a must have when I had no a/c!!

      Receipts are the main garbage I have floating around my car too… I think the “drive thru garbages” have been one of the best ideas. I try to use them to throw away my receipts, straw wrappers, etc. so that I’m not collecting so much garbage in my car.

  8. Mandy Kilinskis

    I’m a big fan of the Foam Auto Cup Organizer:

    I use my cup holders as storage more than I use them as actual cup holders, so I would be thrilled to have one of these!

    • Jenna

      That is so cool! I didn’t even know that that was a thing that existed — I definitely need one of those! 🙂

  9. JR

    a few years ago i did a mailer campaign with the sunglass clip- it was a great lead in as 80percent of the people that got it didnt know what it was- a cool door opener

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