The Chicago Auto Show wrapped up this past President’s Day and I was lucky enough to attend. Thankfully, my group got there early enough to beat the crowds and ensure we got a few pieces of swag from the exhibitors before they ran out. However, while we were walking around I couldn’t help but notice the lack of promotional products the brands were handing out.

Granted, this isn’t exactly the purpose of going to the largest auto show in North America but it would’ve been fun to walk away with some goodies in addition to the fun memories. What would I have given? Well, I’m so glad you asked! Here are a few suggestions and ones that would easily work for the upcoming months when local car shows begin cropping up across the nation.\

Tote Bags

Nobody would forget where they got these sweet tote bags or what company gave them out!

It seemed like each of the attending car brands had a customized tote bag that they were handing out so you could easily carry brochures, business cards, and photo booth pictures. This is a great idea for company sponsors at local car shows to hand out too. You can go for something classic like these Eco-Friendly Non Woven Tote Bags (Medium) or these Portrait Totes for a punch of color to match those sweet paint jobs on the cars. But if you want to really impress potential customers you can’t pass up the chance to give out these RallyTotes Tire Tote Bags. You’ll blow competitors away and you’ll really make a lasting impression on your potential customers, too!


I was shocked no one handed out promotional key chains along with brochures at the Chicago Auto Show. What goes together better than looking at the 2014 Kia Cadenza or the 2013 Aston Martin Vantage S than having a sweet car-themed key chain to go home with?

Check your tire gauge AND remember that company who gave them out? Win-win!

We’ve got car shapes from everything from actual cars with the Car Keychain to a tire with the Tire Key Chain Stress Ball (Economy) and a steering wheel with the Rotella Key Chain. Want to give out something really unique AND useful? You have to go with the Mini Tire Gauge Key Chain; car owners young and old will appreciate having a quick way to double check their tire pressure, especially when the temperature outside is still cold.

Stress Relievers

Vroom, vroom! Customers young and old will love having this awesome item on their desk to show off!

I’m personally a huge sucker for stress relievers. They’re fun to not only display at work, but also to use when your hands are tired of typing or you need to get your mind off the task you’re currently working on. If you’re going to an antique car show then you’d be crazy not to hand out this Antique Car Stress Ball or this Convertible Stress Reliever to attract potential customers to your company. You want something with a little extra pizzazz? Go for the Roadster Stress Reliever with Moving Wheels and zoom into your customers’ minds forever!

Air Fresheners

What's that smell? That's the smell of a clean car free of Big Mac odors!

Want your customers to get in their car and think of you? Let them erase the smell of all those Big Macs and fish sandwiches by giving them a PhotoVision Car Air Freshener complete with your company’s logo on it.

You don’t have to rent space at an expensive auto show like the Chicago Auto Show, chances are in the upcoming months your community will be hosting car shows nearly every weekend when the weather warms up. Be prepared and get your order in now for these car-tastic promotional items!

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