Show Customers You Care with Fall and Winter Wear!

The best thing you can do for your business is show your customers that you care. One thing a lot of companies forget in their struggle to gain new customers is to appreciate their existing customers. Competition is tough; if you don’t show your customers that you care, then you may very well lose them to one of your many rivals!

With fall in full swing and winter approaching, promotional cold weather wear is a good way to show your customers. Think of the many different items people may use to keep warm and consider whether you’d like to give away items that are more suitable for winter or items more suitable for fall. Keep in mind that there are also items that can be suitable for both seasons.

Badger Hooded Sweatshirt

Doesn’t this hoodie look comfy?

Now that fall is here, it may be a good idea to order some custom imprinted sweatshirts, or even some quality embroidered knit hats. A hooded sweatshirt would be perfect for fall, and is one of those items that will be worn for years to come. Everyone has a favorite hoodie, right? The one you give them could end up being the one they wear constantly, which would be good news for you! Also, a knit hat can work for both fall and winter. Scarves are another cold weather accessory that can work for both seasons, and they’re less costly than other options.

Fleece Scarf

A colorful fleece scarf like this one doesn’t cost much, but it’s super valuable!

Or, perhaps you’d like to plan ahead and give your customers full-fledged winter wear. When considering winter wear, you have many options from fleece-lined and down stuffed jackets to embroidered ear warmers. Whatever your preference may be, it’s important that you remember why you’re choosing it. If you can afford a better item for your clients, such as a fleece-lined or a down-stuffed jacket, then you should choose that better item. The better the item, the more it shows you care. Any company can hand out free pens, but a company that gives their customer a down-stuffed jacket is a company that really cares about keeping their customers. Add your logo and your customers become your very own walking advertisements with nothing but positive things to say about you!

So don’t forget those customers you already have, because they are key to keeping your business afloat in this terrible economy. Invest in your customers, because you won’t keep their business otherwise. Give them something nice to show that you appreciate them, and they will return time and time again. And that’s a promise!

What’s your favorite fall attire or winter wear? Are you a scarf lover or a hoodie fanatic? Tell us about autumn or Christmas promotions that you’ve been working on…we love to read your comments!

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  1. QLP Jill

    I practically live in hoodies from September until March, so I’d be eternally grateful if I got one as a Christmas gift (or in my trick-or-treat bag…but that would NEVER happen). My favorite hooded sweatshirts are the ones with the fleece on the inside and the soft cotton on the outside. They make me feel like I’m bundled in a blanket all day long, and they’re more socially accepted than those ridiculous Snuggies!

    Do you think I’d get made fun of at work if I wore a blanket with sleeves? Hmmm…maybe we should start having Snuggie Mondays! 😉 Let’s put in an order for these with the QLP logo:
    Snuggle Me Micro Coral Fleece Blankets

    What do you think!?!?!

  2. Mr. Movie

    The girl in the hoodie at the top of this looks like the actress from “Hello John”.

    … that backstabbing cheating skank! 🙂

  3. Cheese Lover

    If I could wear hoodies all year round I would…

    They are great, everyone looks skinny in a hoodie – even me.

    If anyone is looking for an overweight hoodie model, I’m your guy!

  4. D-Rok

    Cheese Lover… dude, EVERYONE needs a good over-weight hoodie model! ha-ha! omg… wtf

  5. Bumcivilian

    I have never come across a hoodie that I in fact, felt comfortable in, I always feel like I am being strangled. That’s why I am a cardigan/snuggie kind of girl. Got have it loose and cozy, haha kinda how I like my women. 😛

  6. QLP Jill

    Speaking of loose and cozy…I wonder why QLP Kid hasn’t commented yet? 😉

  7. QLP Kid

    Hoodies? I love hoodies!…Snuggies? I love Snuggies!

    @bumcivilian- I like my women like I like my food… Fast, Cheap, and Easy!

    Until next time,
    – The QLP Kid
    “It’s how the Midwest was won…”

  8. Scooby DOO!

    Who are all these people Jill? Soon Chewbacca is going to post something. I tell ya?!

    Hoodies are awesome, hoodies are fun, but most important of all…They make GREAT promotional items to hand out in the FALL!

    I like comfort gear because for one, they are nice to wear, but two, as a company you get so many non-regular impressions of your logo / brand when the owner wears it to the store, mall, soccer or band practice.

    Extra exposure = warm fuzzies!

  9. DRevo

    Thought is the blossom; language the bud; action the fruit behind it.

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