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Marie Hink

Welcome to the Quality Logo Products Team: Marie Hink, Sales Assistant

It’s safe to say most of us who work at Quality Logo Products® are lovers of anime, making artwork, and superheroes. Marie is no exception! Meet Marie – someone who enjoys the Christmas season and would much rather rhyme than sing when she talks. Her love of animation is a great asset to her role […]

Lionel Saltijeral

Welcome to the Quality Logo Products Team: Lionel Saltijeral, Sales Assistant

We’re like the Energizer Bunny when he was a child – we just keep growing and growing and growing. That’s why we’re excited to welcome new friends into our midst, like Lionel Saltijeral. Meet Lionel – a popcorn-loving traveler with a passion for Marvel movies, peanut M&Ms, and inflatable alligators. He comes with 19 years […]

Business Snapchat

Why Your Business Should Get on Snapchat

Take a look around you and count how many people you see on their phones. They are everywhere – on the train, in restaurants, and walking across busy streets. You’re probably even reading this on your phone right now! This is a world of phone addicts, which is exactly why you should advertise on Snapchat. […]

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