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How Should You Engage Students with Your Brand: Free Samples, Guerrilla Marketing, or Friends’ Referrals?

The college student demographic is a tough shell to crack. How do you get them interested in new brands? What makes them tick? Students aren’t the clueless, narrow-minded, indifferent audience they’re often portrayed to be. Say what you will about Generation Y, but they definitely know what they like and what they hate! I asked […]


CAPTCHA Advertising and Error Message Marketing: Obtrusive or Creative?

I just realized something: the digital world is becoming more and more streamlined every day. It’s no longer just the discombobulated mish-mash of banner advertisements and “hey-look-at-this” pop-ups that it used to be. It’s getting more personal and more direct—the ads are, anyway. We’re approaching a new frontier of creative advertisements, videos, and online services. […]

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