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Joe Zarate

Welcome to the Quality Logo Products Team: Joe Zarate

We here at Quality Logo Products® believe every new team member deserves a Rocky style welcome to our team, complete with their own theme song. Of course, we can’t honor all our newbies with a smoke machine and flashing lights, but the least we can do is pay them tribute in their very own employee […]

Erin O'Malley

Welcome to the Quality Logo Products Team: Erin O’Malley

Think of your favorite sport’s all-star game. The best and the brightest talents in the industry are all in one place and showing off their amazing skills. Well, assembling an all-star lineup of customer service team members is what we do at Quality Logo Products®! We’re confident we found another pure talent with this customer […]

Give Your Brand a Hand: Bolingbrook Tee-Ball June 2016

The Bolingbrook Tee-Ball Association values community and a love of sports above all else, which is why we’re excited to honor them with $500 to use toward marketing their organization through our Give Your Brand a Hand giveaway. Our Give Your Brand a Hand initiative is meant to give organizations like this youth sports league […]

Surprise Stoppers: One Superhero Team Committed to Battling Hidden Fees

From the Justice League to the Avengers, incredible vigilantes have done whatever it takes to defend the universe as we know it! At Quality Logo Products®, our team of promo powerhouses, the Surprise Stoppers, is no different—they even sometimes opt for the spandex! This terrific trio bravely puts themselves on the line of fire, battling […]

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