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Building a Community: Why Starbucks Gets Customer Service Right

How often do major businesses take the time to really listen to their customers? I mean—really listen. I’m not talking about a customer service rep having to deal with a disgruntled patron or two. That’s fairly common. I’m talking about having the initiative to reach out and actually heed the advice of the individuals directly […]


‘Doctor Who’ Work Ethic: 3 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from the Doctor

When it comes to getting the job done, the Doctor is NO slouch. Even if you have never seen the show, you may have at least heard of it. Doctor Who is the most successful television show ever produced by the British Broadcast Corporation (BBC). It is a long-running show about an extraterrestrial Time Lord […]


Social Vending: How Pepsi Convinces Customers to Pay Its Marketing Tab

At the National Automatic Merchandising Association’s One Show in Chicago this past April, Pepsi unveiled a prototype for its new “social vending” campaign. Two things surprised me about this: The vending machine industry has a trade show where they discuss more than the draconian guidelines for the crispness of a dollar bill. I didn’t think […]


Ticketmaster Introduces Dynamic Pricing to Boost Ticket Sales: How It Works for You and Against You

I don’t normally pay too much attention to the business of ticket sales and distribution, as I’m sure most people don’t. As long as I’m able to procure my seat for the Chicago showing of Green Day’s American Idiot – The Broadway Musical, I’ll be a happy camper. Just kidding—I’ll wait for the movie. In […]

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