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5 Killer Things You Can Learn From Dexter Morgan About Professional Conduct

Dexter Morgan is the main character in Showtime’s hit series, Dexter. He is a serial killer just trying to get by in the normal world without landing in the electric chair. He’s a Blood Spatter Analyst for Miami Metro: Homicide by day, and a serial killer by night. Dexter’s adoptive father, Harry, noticed Dexter’s psychological […]


Entrepreneur Inspiration: Business-Building Advice From ‘Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog’

We’re a Whedon-friendly family over here at QLP, with plenty of Browncoats proudly counted among our ranks. Sadly, our blogs cannot be pop culture fiestas 24/7, and we need to occasionally tie things into marketing, business, and/or promotional products. So today’s scem to write whatever we want well-researched and informative post is about Dr. Horrible’s […]


‘Doctor Who’ Work Ethic: 3 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from the Doctor

When it comes to getting the job done, the Doctor is NO slouch. Even if you have never seen the show, you may have at least heard of it. Doctor Who is the most successful television show ever produced by the British Broadcast Corporation (BBC). It is a long-running show about an extraterrestrial Time Lord […]


Want to Hire the Best Crew? Here’s Advice from Captain Malcolm Reynolds!

Generally speaking, hiring managers are one of few people in a good position when there’s a bad economy. With more people looking for jobs and motivated to keep them, there are higher numbers of overall applicants and more qualified applicants suffering from layoffs. However, there’s a catch. Because the applicant pool is larger, you’ll have […]

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