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Do What You Love in Abundance: How Kylee Lane’s Home-Based Business Went from Kitchen Counter to Cash Cow

It started with a sick little boy. Actually, he wasn’t sick so much as he was allergic to just about every soap, detergent, and ointment out there, creating a very itchy and painfully uncomfortable existence. It continued with a concerned mother, creative genius, and brilliant businesswoman who stumbled across an idea that would one day […]


Building Teamwork with NBC’s ‘Community’: What the Characters Teach You About Staff Personalities

NBC’s Community is an excellent TV show that for two years has been snubbed in Emmy nominations, critical acclaim, and until now, the QLP blog. However, my soapbox about this consistently funny, introspectively meta, and amazingly brilliant show will have to wait for another day. Today we’ll focus on the dynamics of everyone’s (and it […]


Why the Keurig Brand Rocks and How You Can Follow Their Success

My home away from home is in a place my amazing coworkers and I have affectionately named “Cubeville.” We each have our own cubicle to personalize with photos, posters, Bubba stress balls, whatever we’d like to make the grey walls disappear. For a few Quality Logo Products employees though, something extra is needed to make […]

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