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Trend Alert: Throwback Branding with Washed Baseball Hats

We’re willing to bet your favorite hat has holes and loose fabrics you don’t have it in your heart to snip. Despite its shabby appearance, you’ll likely hold on to that hat for the rest of forever. After all, 11% of people wear the same hat every day. You can take advantage of humankind’s love […]

Mighty House Home Improvement Show

Give Your Brand a Hand: Mighty House Home Improvement Show February 2018

If you tune into WCGO 1590 AM on a Saturday morning, chances are you’re going to hear a whole lot of laughter, a healthy amount of compassion, and a dash of practical advice. This is a typical day for Mighty House Home Improvement Show, a local radio show that empowers homeowners with the knowledge they […]

Jamie Shoemaker | Quality Logo Products

Welcome to the Quality Logo Products Team: Jamie Shoemaker, Audit Department Assistant

Any successful business knows the importance of having a dedicated individual who keeps track of finances. While there are so many critical roles at Quality Logo Products®, it’s safe to say our office would be filled with piles of receipts on every desk and chaos around every corner if it weren’t for our awesome accounting […]

custom kites and gliders

Trend Alert: Custom Kites & Gliders Make Your Brand Fly!

The sky is the limit for where you can advertise your brand. Seriously, it’s not uncommon for a plane to carry a banner with a company name or marketing message. Granted, you usually need binoculars to read what’s printed, but that’s beside the point. Putting your brand high above everyone else is a great way […]

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